Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Car-Crushing Councillor At It Again

I see our local, superhero councillor Dave Green has been out and about crushing cars again. This one's off to become baked bean tins for Heinz.

Two of the Netto gnomes were looking on. They later told me that the third gnome had succumbed to a surfeit of White Lightning earlier in the day.


Dane Valley Ted said...

I was actually sitting in a pub listening to a pillock boasting that he had never bought road fund licence, m.o.t or even insurance for over 10 years,we distracted his attention from the fact that his car was being hoisted onto a lorry.
After about 7 pints he then said he had to drive his wife and 4 kids to maidstone for some xmas shopping.
You should have seen the look on his face,it was priceless.

Frances Oapen said...

Its not just the cars that need crushing the owners should be crushed too and I know just the girl for the job thighs like a rugby player!! On second thoughts maybe not they might enjoy it.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Franny really, control yourself woman!

DVT, that must have been a sight to behold. Trash like that car owner should be in gaol.

Anonymous said...

flogging is too good for the brainless twerps who leave their illegal - illegal I say - cars littered all over our delightful streets

Our fine upstanding - upstanding I say - councillors and their armies of nettos are doing their best to keep our streets lovely

this town is going to hell in a handbasket and its people like you are taking us there