Sunday, December 24, 2006

Three Unwise Men

1. Howard McKinnell, outgoing boss of the world's largest drugs company Pfizer. Despite being in charge of the outfit that brought you Viagra, he watched on impotently as the share price drooped 40% during his tenure. Those who were made redundant from our local Pfizer operation in Sandwich this year will no doubt be applauding his $200m pay-off.

2. Whoever commissioned the latest Sudafed TV advert, featuring a man whose nose is so blocked he can barely breath. Turns out he's in a container. Which advertising genius made that link? Containers, suffocation? Don't they read the newspapers in adland? Or maybe they do?

3. Charlie Drake. Unlike the first two, Mr Drake worked very hard at being a professional idiot, and was one of the greatest troopers in the business. Alas, his boomerang will now never be coming back as he's finally said 'Goodbye My Darlings'.


Jeremy Jacobs said...

I've done a Charlie link on my Blog.

A sad loss.

sandwich man said...

Sudafed is a Pfizer product too so that's 2 out of 3. And they've frozen their pensions for the last 3 years.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Jeremy the spirit of Charile Drake clearly lives on in North London.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

and now James Brown............


Justin Brown said...

We still have Jeremy, a kind of 'fifth Beatle' in that respect, so the year wasn't a complete success.
Still, I think this coming year will bring with it a long and uphill struggle and it should be bourne in mind that some of us will be doing it without a wheelbarrow!
I think it'll be worth it in the end, though.

Justin Brown said...

Oh, and I feel that I should add that following Jeremy's link to SEX MACHINE will bring you almost as much irritating shit as the guy himself is composed of.
And you'll probably have to restart Internet Explorer to make it stop.
Merry Christmas to you too, Thrush Boy.

jackson (5) said...

Yes. Sad about James. They found him in his bed but he failed to respond when asked to get up, get on up. His last words were "Take me to the fridge"

van gogh said...

1. Pfizer is this the company that does so much for the local community and occaisionally runs bulshit corporate adverts on local radio telling us how they gave a load of redundant pcs to some school

Pfizer is this the very competent science based company that can develop advanced drugs for sexual athletes but cannot run a payroll for its workers and would rather exploit worker through paying a premium to parasitic temp agencies

james brown bread said...

I'll be entertaining the angels from now on with hits like:

Papa's Got A Brand New Body Bag
I Got No Feelin'
Ain't That A Grave


I Feel Cold

You've still got The Gaddfather of Ale down there on Planet Thanet so count yourselves lucky.