Monday, December 14, 2009

The Train Now Standing At Platform Two Is 83 Years Late

Talk about sleepers! Reader Chris has sent me this screen shot of Southeastern's website which he took whilst attempting to check the time of his train this morning. A closer inspection reveals this:

Either there's something about the Pleasurama aka Royal Sands aka Titanic development that they're not telling us, or they haven't updated their website since 1926, when the Ramsgate Harbour station, which stood on the Pleasurama site before it was Pleasurama, closed. Perhaps, like in Back to the Future III, they're stoking up their steam engine to break the 88mph time-travelling barrier as we speak!

No need though, because today was the first day of full service on the new high speed chuffers which will whisk you from the Millionaires' Playground to St Pancreas in the heart of norf London media luvviland at eyeball-rattling speeds of 1,ooo,ooo mph plus. Another Ramsgate reader who's using the service to commute each day writes:

With the start of the full service this morning Shepway Council were at St Pancras bright and early with a stand showing house prices in the area, their sh*tty harbour, and trumpeting the fact that they are 40 minutes closer than they were last week.

Contrast that with the Thanet Reich in Cecil Square, who have done, er, sweet football association to advertise our new proximity to the metropolis, or encourage investment on the back of the new high speed rail link, despite a commitment to do so in their 'Corporate Plan' (aka Sandy's scribblings after a day spent gluing carpet tiles). Apart, that is, from some muttering about a 'Manston Parkway station' which would have the effect of slowing the journey down again, or of making us millionaires sit in traffic jams as we drive out to a £1bn station built for the benefit of 10,000 air passengers a year. Talk about duffers!

Click here to relocate to Shepway (Folkestone in old money)
Click here for Southeastern timetable
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Anonymous said...

The council does not have much imagination though, they rest all the hopes of Thanet on an airport that will never produce the 350,000 jobs that Matty boy and the council predict. Sandy has already stated that he does not want Thanet to become like Brighton (ie a commuter town) because he is a narrow-minded, small-town twit. Once the fast link moved in to Brighton, the town(now city) became a very wealthy place, full of wealthy commuters who spent all their squiliions in Brighton; and guess what, you bright sparks in the council, Brighton does not even have an airport!!!

Anonymous said...

A jolly good read ECR. Accurate and I believe reflecting the views of those enlightened few that inhabit this "planet". TDC f*** off.
On another subject. Please could we have pic`s of FIDO in action. I saw it whizzing along Thanets streets but haven`t seen it suck(what do I mean I hear you ask, well poo`s the clue)

Anonymous said...

From what I've heard the Fido machine just sucks full stop.

Rail user said...

Aparently there have been a few teething problems with the new service - with snow forecast for the end of this week perhaps our new high speed link will get stuck in a drift? Commuters were complaining that the other trains were being deliberately held back so this service could go through. Why doesn't this surprise me?