Friday, December 04, 2009

Labour Goes Hart To Hart In Dane Valley

As exclusively predicted here on the island's premier blog, lovely Labourette Sandra Hart, wife of equally lovely Labour leader Clive Hart, has romped home to victory in the Dane Valley by-election precipitated by the absence of the previous Tory incumbent, Panama Steve Broadhurst. Click here for more.

The support of this blog no doubt played a major role in securing Sandra's seat, and stuffing the Tories into third place. Let's hope the rot has now well and truly set in for the Thanet Reich!

By way of celebration, I offer you this short video insight into Clive and Sandra's glamourous, crime-busting, Thanet lifetstyle which they allowed me to film earlier in the week. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Is that a bit of breast fondling at .44. Thought I would ask?

Michael Child said...

Labour getting 9% less of the vote than they did in the 2007 local elections hardly suggests a romp to me Richard.

Richard Eastcliff said...

Anything that stuffs the Thanet Tories is a romp in my book, Michael!

Anonymous said...

How about the Tories' blatant disregard of the rules regarding the count for this election count. Only four per party including candidate and spouse. The Tories turned up with no less than 15 supporters but I bet they left feeling less chipper than when they arrived. Ingrid's face was described as a picture, of what I'm not sure.

I was at QEQM with my other half this morning and spotted Sandy Ezekiel arriving for a hospital appointment looking less than chipper. Mind you, I don't know what he was there for but it was definitely a medical procedure as he was clutching an appointment letter.

Feel free to speculate on this one, Richard!!

Anonymous said...

This was the result as announced by TDC first thing this morning:

Wendy Allan, Ind, 318
Bill Furness, Lib Dem, 260
Sandra Hart, Lab, 222
Ingrid Spencer, Con, 130

When what they really meant was:

Wendy Allan, Ind, 130
Bill Furness, Lib Dem, 260
Sandra Hart, Lab, 318
Ingrid Spencer, Con, 222

They can't even be trusted to get election results right.

I demand a recount of all the results in 2007!

Anonymous said...

A little bit irresponsible of you to allow speculation about somebodys medical codition on your blog ECR? This is the kind of nastiness you are always accusing the tories of.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the councillor was visiting someone or awaiting someone who did have an appointment. Who knows?

Richard Eastcliff said...

What speculation 3:09pm? All that's been said is that Our Glorious Leader has been spotted at the hospital. Nobody has 'speculated about his medical condition'.

What would have been 'nasty' would have been if someone had called him a 'f*cking t*sser' and knocked his letter out of his hand.

Anonymous said...

I think the letter was outline planning approval to demolish the hospital and build some executive style housing there.


Anonymous said...

I do like the idea that the local hospital might be taking the piss out of Sandy, because he has been doing that far too long to Thanet

Anonymous said...

He was merely there for a routine examination of his china gateway

Anonymous said...

Oi leave my back passage alone TDC.

Leading on to planning cons, rozer lot going on down in Lydden????

Anonymous said...

I did try to find a 'Congratulations on gubbing the Tories' card for Sandra but ASDA don't do them. Perhaps Hallmark could start printing some.

It was very busy over in Dane Valley door-knocking/leafleting etc. and did see Roger Gale out on his own delievring. Buzz was they couldn't find enough helpers to go out en bloc so gave each councillor an hour to do each. They really did c*ck things up with, as Bertie said, three in some doors and two in others, all the same leaflet.

I see Ingrid 'I've lost two stones in weight with all the campaigning' Spencer is blaming the weather. 'Twas the same for all four candidates and I heard the ward was alive with, no, not fleas, but Tories and Lib. Dems. Thursday so couldn't the Tories even manage cars for their little old lady voters?