Thursday, December 17, 2009

TDC Sweeps Carpet Contract Under The Rug

Ever since our beloved council rolled out the brand new pink carpet at Duffer Towers a few weeks back, speculation has been mounting as to who got the plush £50K+ contract. One of my spies has now sent me the results of a Freedom of Information inquiry he made to Cecil Square, but the results are, I'm afraid, less than illuminating:

Thank you for your communication received on 19th November 2009 where you requested information about the contract to supply carpets.

I am writing to advise you that, following a search of our paper and electronic records, I have established that the information you requested is not held by Thanet District Council. However, by way of explanation I shall explain the procurement route taken. The Council undertook a formal procurement whereby suppliers were invited to tender for the office reburbishment contract, which included an element of carpetting within the specification. The intention being, that the award would be made to a main contractor for them to manage delivery of the entire content of contract.

The Council did not award a contract to supply carpets and therefore did not appoint to an individual carpet firm, but awarded the entire contract to a main contractor, which was DJ Ellis.

Hmm. Well call me old fashioned, but if I was putting such a large contract out to tender, I'd very much like to know who the subbies were!


Anonymous said...

Ah, a TDC preferred developer then!!!

The Pirates

Piracy is a not a crime, everyone should be at it.

Turning up the Piracy levels at Margate since before Turner was errr Turner.

Curiouser and curiouser said...

Do they really think we are stupid enough to be taken in by such absolute waffle? I smell a rat don't you?

Bertie Biggles said...

What a lie from TDC! To state they do not have a record of who was sub-contracted on the carpet fitting is a gross attempt to mis-lead a legitimate FoI (A) request. TDC have the record of visitors given passes and their own signing in register for the period in question, which would show the details requested. i.e. who came in and which firm fitted the carpets. So, there must be a paper record. Why, therefore, the attempt to obfuscate and mislead?

Anonymous said...

Why would a builder fit carpets?

If I want a gas fitter to do work in my house I don't call in a roofer so why not get a carpet-supplier in as presumably the firm has its own carpet-fitters or can find one. I know when I've bought a carpet from a shop I may get a sub-contractor to lay it but I don't expect a painter to do the job.

This smells of a cover-up so who can get to the truth and let us know who did the job? Why the secrecy unless you-know-who did the job and can't say so because no-one else tendered for the job.

isn't it against the rules not to get three tenders for a council job or is that old hat now or in Thanet anyway?

Anonymous said...

This is definately another "red herring" one of several other "cover ups" even if a sub contractor isnt revealed directly to the council they can obtain the information readily. Sounds like Sandy was long in pink carpet and wanted an outlet for it? Perhaps it is the surplus that he bought and never used for China gateway?

Anonymous said...

I seem to remember the good "doctor" a while ago had a picture of him shaking hands with Doug Ellis the main contractor, having stepped in to do some emergency car park repairs at a church.

All very nice , but I guess there is always a bit of long term favour saving going on, that must help when the tenders get handed out .

The nature and tone of the TDC explanation smacks of something not being quite right about this, please keep digging

Anonymous said...

Arrrrr, Jim lad

We Pirates love a bit of carpet bagging and we have seen some good fitting up at TDC (with carpets that is). We Pirates have been accused of fitting people up, but we have never seen TDC fit people up in such a way?

Arrrr John Honest Silver

Never has so much carpet been bagged in Thanet and so much carpet owed to so few.

Anonymous said...



Victoria said...

They wouldn't be that stupid surely...would they????!!!

Brian said...

It's Panto season:

They wouldn't be so stupid, would they?

Oh yes they would!

Anonymous said...

Oh no they wouldn't!

Anonymous said...

Could they be that stupid?

Look at Bradgate Caravan Park planning fiasco.

Look at the 'Woger' Birchington Planning fiasco ( don't help your voters, but do help your developer, fellow councillor )

Oh yes they can be that stupid!

Or so arrogant as to think that no one will question their grubby little dealings.

Anonymous said...

Or so complacent that they won't care if anyone does.