Monday, December 28, 2009

The ECR Christmas Quiz

Yes, it's that time of year again! When Thanetians settle down after the annual scoffing of the Christmas pud to tug on a bottle of Morrinov and skin up a Camberwell carrot whilst roasting their nuts in front of a blazing Grade II listed building, all accompanied by a huge helping of ECR quizzing, a tradition which has spread joy around the Ile de Thanet ever since 2006.

As usual I've based my questions on the events and people that have shaped Kent's Ramsgate Peninsula during the past year. So throw another heritage ride on the yuletide blaze, pull up some deckchairs and settle down to test your noddle with my Thanet brainteasers!



Which geographically challenged duffer said:

Fifty miles from where Boris wants to put his island is Manston. Manston has one of the longest runways in the country, and its take-offs and landings are currently, and will remain, over the sea.

A: That ruddy-faced man from Kent County Council
B: North Thanet MP Sir Roger Wind
C: George W Bush

Answer: B - FYI Rodge they take off and land over Ramsgate. And it has the 14th longest runway in the country.



In January every white van man on the island got wood when a plank carrier shed its load in the English Channel and the cargo washed up on our sandy beaches. Despite the fact that the material was ruined from a building point of view, how many new bungalows, roofs and sheds had been completed by February?

A: 100,000
B: 100,000,000
C: 100,000,000,000

Answer: C - mostly by councillors who had friends on the planning committee.



It was announced Lord Sir Alan Sugar would be sending the apprentices on his upcoming, eponymous TV show down to the Arsonists' Playground to brainstorm ideas for attracting visitors. Which scheme eventually won the task?

A: Bunging a £20m art gallery on the Rendezvous car park
B: Bunging clapped out old rides on the Dreamland site
C: Seeing the resort through children's eyes

Answer: C - although the great and good of Margate seemed to think their ideas were much better, and would only cost £60m more.



Swine flu fever swept the isle, but what symptoms did Thanet's Chief Medical Officer Dr R de Cocke say people should be on the lookout for?

A: Loss of appetite for burgers and kebabs
B: Sudden urge to work
C: Atypical use of consonants

Answer: A, B and C.


North Thanet's Blue Rinse Politburo met to decide whether to oust longstanding dictator San Dee Zeek-il after another run of foul-mouthed, petitioning-bothering misdemeanours. However, the Tory night of the long knives turned out instead to be:

A: Musical chairs with Sandy not budging from his
B: A pass the brown envelope party
C: A trousers rolled up to the knees-up

Answer: A - Our Glorious Leader beat off the competition by holding them in the palm of his hand, apparently.



Who splashed out £695 on bedroom furniture, £63 on re-tailoring curtains and £50 to become a friend of the Herne Bay Festival?

A: Gary Glitter
B: Roger Gale MP
C: Jordan

Answer: B - Sir Rodge blew a gasket when he was challenged on these items by one of the local papers, thus cementing his position as the out of touch tosspot we all know and love.



'Independent' Birchington Parish councillor John Worrow was caught following Tory grandee Roger Latchford OBE's lead in voting against referring county council chief Paul Carter to the Standards Board at a turbulent meeting of the Manston consultative committee. Later in the year he was filmed doing what?

A: Impersonating the late Wacko Jacko
B: Sticking his hand up where it didn't belong
C: Finalising his plans for world domination

Answer: A - and here's the evidence:


Tory councillor for Dane Valley, Steve Broadhurst, was set to resign after it was discovered he spent most of his time:

A: In the lavatory
B: In Panama
C: In women's undies

Answer: B - leading to his description by Conservative cabinet member Dr Biggles as 'the member for Panama'.


One of the island's blogs won an award from Total Politics magazine. Who got the gong?

A: Labour Councillor Mark Nottingham for From One End of Kent
B: Tory Councillor Simon Moores for Thanet Life
C: Chippy Tone for Bignews Margate

Answer: A - it came 99 out of 100 in the Labour blogs category.


Thanet Council revealed how much it was going to spend on a consultation so that us Ramsgatonians could have the pleasure of knackered old 747s flying feet over our bonces all night. The cost?

A: £800
B: £8,000
C: £80,000

Answer: C - cheap at half the price for the pleasure that the crate loads of rotten bananas will bring to the little children of Ramsgate.



Euroferries was due to begin its new service from Ramsgate to Boulogne on 14 November. However, despite taking bookings on its website, the launch never happened. When was it postponed until?

A: The next week
B: The next month
C: The next year

Answer: A, B and C - currently the best guess is March 2010.


Southeastern Railways were due to launch their new high speed service from Ramsgate to St Pancras on 14 December. When did it actually launch?

A: 14 December
B: 14 December
C: 14 December

Answer: A, B or C - at least that way everybody gets at least one point!

So how did you do?

0 - 4 correct answers - Your kitten has died of flea anaemia
5 - 8 correct answers - Paid for Boulogne, but the ferry's in Tenerife
9 - 12 correct answers - Krug and canapes at my cliff top mansion!


Anonymous said...

I managed to score 45, is that some kind of a record?

Richard Eastcliff said...

Clearly you're a genius and should be awarded a Nobel Prize in Thanetology!

Anonymous said...


The Pirates

Planning Piracy is allowed in Thanet - Arrrrrrr.

Anonymous said...


We are now moving into the Fractile Dimension?


Anonymous said...

Dear AIA

Are you the lot that were captured a few years an Unidentified Political Group (UPG). If so - did a full fiscal rectal examination take place?

What the hell does AIA stand for anyway?

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I remember the good old days when this blog was replete with humour in the comments section too.
These days it seems to be full of childishly political sniping and social inadequates, who think they're clever because they can produce bullshit which is so tenuous, that noone else can understand it.