Thursday, December 24, 2009

Peas On Earth And The Little Baby Cheeses

Well, it's already Christmas Day down here in the southern hemisphere, so ho-ho-ho! May I wish you all (well most of you) a great Yuletide and a fantabulous 2010!


Michael Child said...

Happy Christmas from us all at the bookshop Richard

Lucy Mail said...

Merry Christmas Dickie, old love!
So how does it work with Santa, down under? Does he empty your stockings and then come up your flue, or what does he do?
Chuck a lobster on for me, honey.

Peter Checksfield said...

Love , Peace & Happiness to all!!! xxx

Anonymous said...

On this religious day a few thoughts for you.

•People should learn to think for themselves, not just blindly accept what they are told by figures of authority. This is because authority figures too often have an agenda of their own, frequently the enhancement of their own wealth or power. And even when this is not the case, authorities are themselves often uninformed or confused.

•Values are based in the human person. In order to know whether a given course of conduct is meaningful or right, we can ask ourselves whether it promotes the maintenance or development of the normal capabilities of human beings, such as thinking, feeling, and physical health.

The two important implications are:

•People should try hard to get the facts before forming opinions or commiting to values.
•People should base their values primarily upon the sacredness of life.

derick97 said...

happy christmas Richard,
please leave Oz as you found it

Anonymous said...

My hat comes off to Paul Wells, Thanet Strife's web master, for being a good christian. He is a man that puts others before himself, and does everything for the right reason; he is a man without a single jealous bone in his body!

Well done Berie!

Anonymous said...

Dear Bertie (Thanet Strife)

The small minority of people in The Isle of Thanet who bother to read your blog are only too aware of the one sided hearsay that you spread about people with different opinions than your own.

You would have us believe that you provide a public service.But really you are a self rightcious bigot.

You are very good at putting 2+2 together and making 6.

You are a bigot with a 'ducking stool mentality'

You really think that you are omniscient, but really you are a foolish hypocrite .


Anonymous said...

self-righteous Bertie!

Anonymous said...

Bertie Bigot is my name telling porkies is my game!

Bertie Biggles said...

I see the that 'Strife' must be really irritating some of you chaps and chapesses of North Thanet Conservative Association as you carry on your puerile game on ECR.

I repeat my invitation to you that if you have an argument to put, please come and put it on Strife. You do yourselves no service, in the meantime and that saddens me. Happy Christmas to you all.

Anonymous said...


The Norf Fannet wasters are not worth responding to.


Anonymous said...

Berties vendetta against Thanet's Tories (lumping them all up together as bigots do) has got him thinking that all anonymous posts are from conservatives; his paronoia is a gift to the Labour party or least it would be if the people of today were not so sophisticated.

Anonymous said...

Bertie is like one of those Priests from the Spanish Inquisition.

He only gives a voice to those he likes.

Bertie Bigot, the man with the Ducking stoll mentality of the 16th century, when witches were the greatest threat; now its not witches but Thanet Tories!

Bertie Bigot is a wolf in sheep's clothing and prentends not to be an agent of the left.

Anonymous said...

How many fair and balanced readers have actually stopped to think that maybe LABOUR are posting some of the anonymous replies to Bertie, in order to take advantage of his unhealthy obsession with the local conservative party?????

Anonymous said...

could it be that 'bertie' is in reality the soon to be replaced mayor of margate and not paul wells?

Anonymous said...

Paul 'Bertie Bigot' Wells wants to be the first elected Mayor of Thanet. He told my friend Tom

Anonymous said...

So what, Paul Wells often tries to demonise the wrong people. WHO CARES? Let him do it, its quite funny and more interesting than reading blogs from fair minded people like David Green. he he he I love seeing the wrong Tories being savaged!

Bertie Biggles said...

So our local NTCA has a leader with 2 Standards raps; a Deputy with one standards rap; a Cllr who failed to serve his ward and resigned before being excluded; 2 Cllrs dropped by the Labour Party like hot coals and some of you out there think Labour needs to play silly beggars?

Can I add scandals in administration of Maritime Services; Housing Repairs and Maintainance and failure of Officers or anyone by the look of it, to adhere to Contract Procedure Rules.

I could throw in extremely perverse planning decisions in Birchington and Lydden; grants paid to Cllrs spouses; payment not collected for security fencing; mis-spending of Allotments money on a private charity's allotment in Broadstairs; non-enforcement of Grade 2 listed demolition/fire repairs; lack of monitoring of pollution incidents in Thanet in regard to the aquifer; acceptance of sponsorship from a firm that had a 'live' planning application; 17 hrs of meetings with developers and not a TDC minute made; misleading personal declarations concerning overseas trips; carpeting contract with a developer about to make a planning application; non-recovery of tax-payers grants when the purpose for them was not delivered; lack of supervision and inspection during and post Ramsgate cliff repairs costing TDC over £1,000,000; directors of an LLP that have failed to submit accounts or show how they intend to repay KCC money due; failure to comply with decisions regarding asset disposal in respect of Dumpton Park; the nonsense of lack of monitoring of KIA and the shambles of night flying consultation; a decision made in respect of Dreamland site that flew in the face of an Independent Planning Inspector's advice and consigned 'the key to Margate's regeneration' to years of dereliction and doubled the value to owners of the site.

I don't need to do anyone's dirty work and certainly not on behalf of the Labour Party; NTCA and those who allow it to besmirch the name of the Conservative Party,are doing a good enough job themselves as the illustrations above would indicate. When the Conservatives at TDC wake up to the disgrace they have been lead into and do something about it, they will regain my support.

In the meantime, the personal attacks, invective, bile and abuse will flow in my direction, from certain Cllrs, NTCA members and others and in the process do yet further harm to The Conservative Party. They clearly fail to understand the damage they do to their own Party.

Anonymous said...


If that rant is not from someone with a 'ducking stool mentality' then I come from mars.

What the very paranoid Bertie Bigot/Paul Well needs to understand is that the UK is a free country and people are innocent until proven guilty.

His spin is full of hearsay and paronoia.

When Mr Wells was a school teacher he may have been able to force his opinions on others, but now he needs to understand that he is in the adult world, with people that know their own minds; where freedom, fair play and the rule of law matter, not just his version of reality.

Bertie Bigot is way out of line, and more to the point, barking up the wrong tree.

PAUL WELLS get real!

Anonymous said...

Ooops, I must've clicked on 'Thanet Strife' by mistake!

Anonymous said...

10:12 AM

If that were the case you would of had to wait for the control freak to decide if your views suit him!

Whether you like ECR or not, he does not select posts like Paul Wells of Bertie Bigot-Ville

Anonymous said...

I don't support any political party but I am sick and tired of Bertie Biggles and his over the top personal attacks on anyone he beleves to be a friend of the conservative administration.

I agree with the person above who compares him to a priest of the Spanish Inquisition, in fact I would say that he is more like one of those extremists in one of those countries that string people up after they were found innocent.

He would be at home with the religous police.

Bertie is like all cowards, he is very good at dishing it out, yet not so good when hes on the receiving end!

Anonymous said...

Paul Wells is almost as convincing with his half truths and porky pies as Tony Blair was with his nonsense about WMD. Tony used WMD to con people in the same way Bertie wants to con the people of Thanet

Anonymous said...

1:35 PM

I don't think he wants to con anyone. I really do believe that he is blinded by his hatred of the Conservatives in Thanet. Most of what he wrote above is just his opinion; experts think otherwise. There might be a few in the council that are not that wonderful but he blames some very good and hard working people. I don't agree that he is a bigot but he is not a fair person.

The Real Deal said...

Anonymous people calling others cowards always make me chuckle, thanks for the laugh anon-lotsa-times (as you're obviously the same obsessive!).

Anonymous said...

Is anon(ce) a soon-to-depart Mayor, or his mrs perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Writing the words 'The Real Deal' does not stop you from being anonymous you Tory twat!

Anonymous said...

I have a gut feeling that every single anonymous post is from consevative supporters, as Labour supporters are decent people and use nik names!

Bertie Biggles said...

Oh, dear! This is getting quite tedious.

I have always assumed that those who talk to themselves are a little eccentric but those who then answer themselves back, as is going on here, might need some help!

Go and look at postings I have posted on Strife and you will see, my dear abusive chap, that I tend to post all comments, even nasty Christmas greetings and if i decide not to, I say so and why.

You have failed to take up my invitation to post on Strife and argue issues rather than hurl rather repetetive diatribes here on ECR; I hope it is not because you think I still have ISP monitors and logging switched on.

In the meantime, please carry on talking to yourself and then replying to your own postings if thats what gives you satisfaction.

Have a Happy New Year and my best wishes for 2010.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Bertie every single post is from the tooth fairy and they won't go on his blog coz free speech is a crime!

Anonymous said...

Anyone in Thanet that likes to judge the council should read the Audit Commission Thanet District Councol Regeneration report (Nov 20090 whih gives the council 2 stars. (KCC was recently given 4)

The follow extract must be a worry for residents.

Health inequalities are a significant issue in Thanet. Male and female life expectancy is
shorter than the national average, and men from the most deprived areas have almost ten years shorter life expectancy than those from the least deprived areas.

So if you are in your sixties enjoy what years you have left! But seriously its important that TDC are kept on their toes to improve the area and this position. Local bloggers play an important part in this since local newspapers dont alway act in an unbiased manor.

Anonymous said...

3:06 PM
I agree with you, but your take on things or indeed his does not give anyone the right to demonise non-political people just because they support the majority of councillors who are decent people. Bertie needs to understand that we are not at school and he has no power over readers!

Peter Checksfield said...

Strewth, not much Christmas cheer on here! Now all give each other a big hug & stop taking everything so damn seriously. XXXX

Richard Eastcliff said...

Stone the crows! Talk about carrying on like pork chops! I thought this was meant to be the season of good will to all men!

I even wished Councillor/Doctor Moores a Merry Whatsit on his blog on that basis!

While I'm down here in the Big Brown Land, I'm finding it very hard to police these comments because of the time difference, and the fact that the internet is quite hard to come by out in the bush. Clearly there is some kind of vendetta going on here, and whilst I'm happy to conduct my own vendettas on my own terms on my own blog, it's leaving me with a rather icky feeling that someone else is getting pilloried here in my absence.

Bertie Biggles is clearly capable of keeping his end up without my intervention, but if this keeps on I'm reluctantly going to have to impose comment moderation. Slag the council off, slag the airport off, slag the Turnip off, slag anything off. Slag me off if you like, it's water off a duck's proverbial. But pl-eee-eee-ze stop this unseasonal bitchfest!

And Merry Crimble to you too, Michael. And you, Lucy old bean-flicker! I'll even chuck a prawn on for the barbie for Checksfield!

Anonymous said...

(From Dame Edna)

Yes ECR you tell um sport, poor old Bertie,he don't have an ego mate, and he only says nice things about people. Me and my nurse were only saying the other day what a fair and blanced bloke he is, no chip on that guys shoulder!

Mind you Richie he was a teacher and if you don't agree with he'll turn the on log you.

And remember folks don't be naughty, free speech is for Bertie, not for christmas.

Dame Edna Everage

Anonymous said...

Well done to Bertie, you obviously have the NTCA nasties rattled. As far as I can remember Bertie does not tar them all with the same brush, but points out those Ezekeil Party Members whose continued presence in office does no one in Thanet any favours least of all those with true Conservative values.

As a Conservative voter I hope that Bertie continues to point out the shortcomings of the local party in the hope that change will eventually occur.

Anonymous said...

The two faced lying bastards that make up the Tory Cabinet will continue in place because the rest are too spineless to do anything about it!

Luckily with a continuing campaign to bring this dishonest bunch to the attention of the national party, appears to be working.

Hopefully then this greed infested, loathsome mess will be washed aside. That is of course if the Old Bill haven't got them first!

And anyone not sure of the bile driving this lot. Just read Thanet Life and Moore's poisonous little rants. Dr Drivel.