Friday, December 11, 2009

Chopper Squad

I say! Does anyone know what all these helicopters that have been buzzing over the Millionaires' Playground yesterday and today are in aid of? I can barely hear the bubbles in my Krug! Kuh!


Anonymous said...

I dont know but could they be from a company called Media Impact Ltd who were planning to launch a ChopperCam. I know you are Thanet's leading media expert (despite claims by others to be the Kent TV expert) so are you up todate with a new Kent TV internet station on
It looks like its run by the Choppercam company.
Maybe you could give/sell them some of your original ideas.

Anonymous said...

My wife told me that she'd seen a large chopper today. I assume she was talking about these helicopters?

Anonymous said...

What is it with the IoT Gazette? Are they completely biased in favour of the airport? Today, we have yet another letter from someone having a go at "all of the anti-airport campaigners." What anti-airport campaigners? If there were loads of anti-airport campaigners surely a selection of their letters would appear in the Gazette? The Gazette hardly ever publishes anything which could even be viewed as mildly anti-airport, but they constantly publish letters from people who are against the anti-airport campaigners. Talk about fighting shadows.

Anonymous said...

Today the following helicopter was doing circuits and bumps yesterday you may have seen visiting Navy Lynxes?

Richard Eastcliff said...

Thanks for the useful chopper info everyone.

Independent Kent TV, eh?

Hmmm. Very hard to get any idea of who's behind it from their website. 'Television produced by the People of Kent for the People of Kent', they say.

But when you click on 'about us', all you get is the enigmatic statement that it has been 'formed by a consortium of businessmen with a proven track record in the television industry'.

From the little I saw (and there is very little on there), their experience in the television industry is probably limited to flogging flat screens in Currys.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, there was search on for a 91 yr old vulnerable lady who had gone walk about in the freezing weather.

Anonymous said...

Hope they found her?