Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who Is The Tallest Celebrity Of Them All?

I'm indebted to the Gazunder's intrepid, investigative reporter Thom Morris for pointing me in the direction of the Drinkstuff website, where he wanted me to purchase a lifesize replica of a Tyrannosuarus Rex for him. A mere snip at £28,950.63. Sorry Thom, I'm a bit short of folding at the moment, having spent most of my capital on my latest blockbuster - Smell the Profit for the Polish Cheese Board.

It's an interesting site, though, where you can buy everything from a set of Homer Simpson fairy lights for your PC, to a 'Moaner Lisa' Orgasmic Bottle Opener. As a sleb of some standing, who spends many a happy hour staring at his own reflection, the Who Tall Are You? Mirror particularly caught my eye, as did the chirpy salesmanship of the blurb:

If standard mirrors are looking a bit stale to you these days [Um...] and the simple image of your reflection has lost the fun factor, [Can't say it has, actually] then get your home equipped with something a little bit more fun! [Er, righto!]

Exactly who tall are you? Which celebrities do you measure up to? This portrait mirror from Suck UK features 120 famous names for you to measure yourself against! With names as varied as Jennifer Lopez, Mother Teresa, David Hasslehoff and Gary Coleman, you will have hours of fun measuring your friends and family to see who matches who!
[And presumably if you don't have any friends or family, you could just bend your knees up and down a bit, thrilling at the sight of being diddy Bruce Lee one moment, and Amazonian Anne Donovan the next.]

Er, yes. Hours and hours and hours of, um, fun. As you can see from the photo, the luvvly lady standing in the graffitied public khazi, who is clearly coming towards the, er, end of her hours of fun, has discovered to her evident delight that she is the same height as Tom Baker, who in turn is the same height as Snoop Dogg. Six foot three. Yes. Hours of fun, that.

Lifesize T Rex


Dick Rubin said...

I have the 'how long are you mirror' but it is only 6" high and glued to the wall at waist good unless you're on your knees.

Eastcliff Richard said...

Kuh! You'll be telling us you're Long Dong Silver next!

Anonymous said...

Does it Do Width?