Thursday, June 11, 2009

Don't Call Me Shirley

Lorks! What with Councillor/Doctor Biggles' recent obsession with Romans and gladiators, and his ongoing interest in flying, I'm beginning to wonder whether he's not positioning himself for the part of Captain Clarence Oveur in some putative remake of Airplane!

Update: Our Simes now appears to have a bee in his helmet about something in today's Gazunder, and is threatening to do a tug over the paper's offices if they don't print the truth. Hold the inside middle page!


Anonymous said...

surely you mean Mooreus Aurealius

Banner dragger of Pretorian Guard

"Death to the Barbarians" Sorry to break ranks Sandy but you are a sub pleb

Anonymous said...

A meeting of Thanet council,

I am Spareparticus , no I am Spareparticius , no I am Spareparticius etc etc .

Anonymous said...

Yea I know but what did the Romans do for us

see link

Anonymous said...

Be careful ECR, Simes is on the warpath. he has already given the editor of the Gazette an earbashing for this week's Smudger!

Anonymous said...

To love, honour ,and obey you

Sandy Glutus Maximus

Anonymous said...

Is there no limit to the incompetence of the IoT Gazump? In this week's episode they print a two page pull-out of music festivals in the South-East this Summer. What's missing? Broadstairs Folk Week is missing. Perhaps they didn't know it was on. Perhaps it's a local event for local people. Perhaps it went the same way as ECR's cartoons (buried under a mound of cr*p whilst someone filed their nails).