Monday, June 15, 2009

Tiny Council Gets Big Mayor

Yes, it's official! The new Mayor of Ramsgate is [drum roll]..... car-crushing, caff-crushing councillor Dave Green! [Applause, cheers, general adulation]. I know this because it's in the excellent yourfannitinnit. Ralph 'Mr Ramsgate' Hoult was elected deputy, meaning the Tories were totally hung out to dry. Hurrah!

However, I was cavorting in the VIP pen with the stars of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen at the Odeon Leicester Square when the white smoke rose from Albion House. Boy, what a movie! But why were we made to tread blue carpet rather than red? Methinks the Brent Carpet Company tripped up, so I had a word and I wouldn't like to say anything but I rather expect somebody in Northdown Road to be getting a call in the morning if you catch my drift!

More mayor news in yourfannitinnit

Transformers 2 trailer on BoobTube


Anonymous said...

ECR sorry to comment about something else here but Ken Gregory's reporting of more road closure's in St Peters is just so pitiful, where is his show of action as the ward councillor? I hope the electorate of St Peters teach him a lesson next time - arrogant man he is - but i think if you shake a blue rag there they will vote for it - and before you say anything Ken i am not a member of the labour part!

Anonymous said...

A disgrace that the parties couldn't bring themselves to vote for Ralph Hoult, a man who got more votes than any one of them without the aid of the hundreds of votes parties can rely on from people who would vote for Crippen if he was wearing the right coloured rosette. Oooh errr. Do you think they'll try to out me for that?

Anonymous said...

Hugely interesting choice considering Davo's predicament. I see a resignation looming?

Anonymous said...

Who is Jimmy Godden?

Heard his name mentioned tonight at a barbequequequeteq.

Is everyone scared of him down here? From what I heard he's just a coin-slot magnate whose investments tend to be made of flammable materials.

Let's have the full bio.

Fed-up resident. said...

I know it's not relevant to the main topic but I have to agree with your first poster regarding St. Peter's. It's obvious Ken Gregory hasn't been near St. Peter's in many months or he'd be aware of the damage the original closure did and how it's the same contractors who never actually finished and went away.This work has been going on for four months now and still isn't finished. half the time there's no-one there doing anything.

Eastcliff Richard said...

I trust the BBQ wasn't over at Dreamland, 2:57am!

Re the St Peter's closure, the local businesses over there must really be getting the a*sehole. I mean, how can it take four months to dig up a road and lay a bit of pipe?

That said, Southern Water have been digging down by the port for more than two years now, in an attempt to stop Ramsgate's sewer from bursting every time I pull the chain. Luckily my sh*t doesn't stink so it ain't too much of a problem!