Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thought For Food

Despite what many were clearly hoping (if the emails are to be believed) I was not the poor soul who went over the cliff at Wellington Crescent the other night. I am still among you. It's nice to know I have so many, er, ill-wishers though.

Sticking with the subject of the last item - grub - I've received a request from the owner of the new caff on Margate's Harbour Arm (or 'pier' in old money) to be added to the list of recommended nosheries in my sidebar on the right. Jean writes:

Dear Eastcliff Richard,

Can I join the listings for your café/eating section? How do I go about it?

I have opened a small café on the Harbour Arm in Margate called BeBeached and have attached a copy of the menu herewith – this is an all day brunch menu and I also always have specials running – things like pies, macaroni cheese, stuffed aubergines, beef hash, boston baked beans with potato cakes, and on Sundays we have meat from Quex farm, nut roast, and other vegetarian options.

Hope to hear back,


Well that all sounds very yummy Jean! And the menu looks fantastic, although you might want to cut back slightly on the drizzleds, sprinkleds and, um, 'trickled's. However, before it can be recommended by Thanet's premier blog, I need some feedback. So if any of you luvvly readers out there can vouch for BeBeached, do let me know!

BeBeached website


Eastcliff Richard said...

For the gastronomes out there, here's the sample menu Jean sent me:


Baked Egg, with spinach and mushrooms or smoked bacon and mushrooms, topped with melted Kentish farmhouse cheese

Grilled vine tomatoes trickled with balsamic and sprinkled with black pepper and basil served with hot crusty bread

Eggs Benedict on toasted muffin

Hot butter pancakes drizzled with maple syrup

Or with maple syrup and crisp bacon

Scrambled Eggs with buttered chestnut mushrooms

Grilled field mushrooms with melted creamy smoked cheddar and toasted walnuts


Omelette of your own design (cheese, ham, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes – if we have it you can haveit)

Poached duck egg with granary soldiers

Porridge drizzled with Kentish honey

Hot smoked fish in a seeded bun

Paul Hollywood bread basket

ascu75 aka Don said...

Looks good just sent it to my own food critic to see if she can do a an anonymous shopper and get back to me ........... Richard we knew it wernt you, we aint that lucky...... only kidding

Harbour Monkey said...

Bebeached is indeed yummy- sweet potato and goats cheese tart was superb. Highly recommended!!!

Anonymous said...

Jeans great, lovely coffee.

Anonymous said...

portions a bit small for the price

Andy N said...

Heard from many people that portions are far toooooo small for the price. That the food was over drizzled with oil, but some of it was tasty. The service has been not quite what it could be. Plus the bread basket which is held in esteem like a holy reliquary, is over priced and overrated, but nonetheless essential to a satisfied stomach. Please try a bit harder be beached.

Old Woman of Margate said...

BeBeached is a fab place to eat and watch the world go by. Those who may coment should note the words 'Brunch'. If they want gazunder portions than they should to to the 'all you can eateries'

Anonymous said...

heard that the food was great, but the little extras added to the bill (corkage £2.50...per head! bread £1.40 per head) turned the evening sour.

colincat said...

thatnk you everyone for your comments - and in response to the last comment I would just like to put the record straight - the corkage charge is 2.50 per bottle and this sort of charge in a bring your own wine eatery is normal and seondly the brea is not 1.40 per person - it is 80p for a very big slice of bread with a dish of butter or 2.25 for a bowl full of bread with a bigger dish of real butter.

Anonymous said...

news to me that the word brunch has to mean small.
Maybe estate agents could start using it for houses it is a," brunch style property "or your pay packet has been brunched.

The portions are too small for the price either big up the portion or reduce the price , and you will get more business

Susan said...

Just back from a delicious meal at BeBeached which had been recommended to us. It's always hard to find anywhere that offers vegetarians a real choice and we'd been told that there was a great selection. Well, we certainly had plenty to choose from plus Jean just kept adding to the list she had on the board, so we all managed to have something entirely different. All was absolutely delicious - can't praise the food highly enough. And, with a whole Kirsty McColl Karaoke thing going on, it was a great evening - eating in and then moving out for post dinner drinks outside - lovely birthday treat! We'll be going back.

Anonymous said...

I was with Susan's comment until she got to the 'karaoke' bit. That really put me off right away.

Peter Checksfield said...

I was thinking exactly the same thing anon 7:53. The last thing I want with my meal is some chubby bird singing about the Elvis look-a-like who works in the chippy.

Susan said...

Awww, now I feel bad! I wasn't trying to put anyone off and, of course, it wasn't really karaoke for goodness sake. So just ignore my whittering and trust me on the food!

Pete Stug said...

I like the footnote to the linked jumper story;
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