Thursday, June 18, 2009

More Drama!

News that there may be some sort of film crew on the island has made the old Eastcliff lugholes prick up! Apparently ITV1 [What that? - Ed.] are shooting a drama over on the seedy north side. Grubby north island inhabitant Gerry writes:

Dear Dick,

I was out on my velocipede this morning cycling along the promenade at Westgate-sur-Mere (home of all good local politicians) and noticed a number of film unit type people hanging around in groups. I thought at first they were drug addicts or on day release from prison, it's so hard to spot the difference.

Anyhow I thought since you prefer to imagine the north side doesn't even exist I'd take a look at the Doc's blog as he prefers to imagine the south side doesn't exist. Brilliant, something there but it only left me confused as in the comments he refers to 'the earlier story below about the production' - errrrrrr where? I'm confused as much about that as I am with Tory party policy.

One of the trailers where the stars live between scenes (you must have your own I'd imagine) had the name Louise Pennell on it. Who? And does she put out?

PS: I have come home to get my beret, sunglasses and packet of jazz cigarettes to return to the 'set' and see if I can break into the industry. Tally ho.

Er, good luck with that Gerry. Apparently this is all something to do with Lynda La Plante (see linkie below). And Louise? Well I'm not normally one to kiss and tell, but I did do it doggy style with her round the back of the 007 stage at Pinewood a few years back, during which, I might modestly add, she squealed like a stuck pig. Hmm. Maybe I should trot over to Westgate and, er, reintroduce myself!

Simes on Lynda La Plante

Simes on Westgate 'like the south of France' (as if!)


Anonymous said...

think the film crew are filming up and coming margate artist zoe murphy-young lady with heaps of talent,shows in the ingoldby gallery in margate old town and has just been signed by libertys,good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Frankly you were the worst shag I ever had , I thought you were a producer and only discovered afterwards that you had just been sacked a runner

By the way the asbo placed on you will apply in Westgate as well.

Louise Pennell

Eastcliff Richard said...

Oh Louise, really! We both know that was the only O you've ever had!

In fact I seem to remember you gasping at the time that you were in 'O... O... Heaven'!

Millicent said...

Zoe was on newsroom south-east this evening - she did a better job of promoting margate than the apprentices.

Anonymous said...

How can Doctor Moores have so much time on his hands. I would have thought that the westgate Surgery would be as busy as the rest in Thanet. If he's a Doctor, then why isn't he spending more time with his patients?