Sunday, June 07, 2009

Bangers And Rash

To the excellent Bucket and Spade Run this afternoon, which was held on Government Acre here in the Millionaires' Playground. The B&S is an annual ghost of Ramsgate's proud motoring heritage, which more or less finally carked it when the Motor Museum closed a few years ago. Indeed, if one were to delve further back into the mists of time, you'd find tales of speed trials being held on the Western Undercliff. Yep, thems were the days.

Forutnately the sun shone on the petrolheads and a splendid time was had by all. Congrats to the Ramsgate Old Motor and Cycle Club who put on the event.

Of course, I exhibited the new G-Wiz. But I have to say there wasn't a lot of interest. And now I find the rather cheap plastic seats in the thing have brought the old Eastcliff derriere out in a plague of pimples. Fortunately I'm smarter than the average Thanetian and can therefore find my arse with both, or if push comes to shove, one hand. So while I go and rub on the ointment, here are some more piccies of marvellous old jalopies.


Anonymous said...

We stumbled upon this event whilst going to the Pugin open day at the Grange.

It was fun and very English, the French must think how do they have time to restore cars have an active sex life and a mistress, oh now I remember they don't do the other two.

The Grange was good to see beautiful workmanship but not to my taste too many riots of colour. The wall paper looks like the goalkeepers strip that Arsenal used in the eighties.

Proud to live in Ramsgate said...

It was great to have the veterans back in Ramsgate - long may it continue. Great atmosphere and lots of stalls to enjoy. I missed the band but it was nice that they were invited.

Ramsgatonian said...

This shows that Ramsgate can put on as good a show as Margate. If TDC were to restore some of the funding it has grabbed for Margate we would knock the spots off them.

Michael Child said...

Richard I do feel an idiot about this one I totally forgot it was on and didn’t go

Eastcliff Richard said...

Keep an eye on my What's on in Thanet in the sidebar and you'll never miss another thing!

Plenty of old Yank tanks there... good to see these things being preserved as museum pieces rather than as practical, everyday motors eh Michael!

Michael Child said...

Richard what is so irritating is that had already noticed it there the other day, I just totally forgot, mind you the children enjoyed Quex farm open day and you can’t do it all.

I have to admit to missing the comfort, reliability and the 5.7 litre engine.

Anonymous said...

I too forgot this charming event was on. I went for a bike ride yesterday, initially aiming to get to Ramsgate (from Whitstable) and basically ran out of steam. Had I remembered the event, I would have made more of an effort, I'm sure. Glad to know it was a a success and that small events can prosper in Thanet. I went to a similar motor event in Faversham a few weeks back and it brought lots of people in to the town, ready to spend their hard earned.

Lucy Mail said...

Ahhh, the good old days, when carbon footprints were REAL carbon footprints!
Pity that carbon footprints were yet to be discovered at that time, as I think that would've given the owners of these vehicles a right, good laugh!