Thursday, June 11, 2009

Madeira Fake?

Reader Frank from Ramsgate writes:

I see that our 'Mediterranean style Madeira Falls' are back in action. As you reported last month, the council put up a notice saying that 'work was being undertaken to infill any cracks in the pulhamite rocks with specialist sands and material to match the original render provided in the 19th Century.'

True to their word, the work has been carried out in the timescale they mentioned, but am I the only one who thinks they may have used fibreglass rather than 'specialist sands and material to match the original render provided in the 19th Century'? It may be that the work needs to age into its setting, but it certainly doesn't match the original pulhamite at the moment and looks very yellow. I will disobey orders one night soon and investigate. Will let you know the upshot.

Well Frank, I have indeed noticed that the feature looks very different, and look forward to hearing the results of your investigation. Meanwhile, the Festival of Britain fountain on our trendy East Cliff is still as dry as the Kalahari, as it has been for months!

Festival of Britain fountain: dry as a nun's nasty


ascu75 aka Don said...

Yep its in the middle of a drought no doubt about it but dont it look good? blue sky sea and you can almost imagine the sand just need a few plastic palms to complete the scene and a nice 747 would go down a treat shame we have nothing a beautifull over here in Margate

Eastcliff Richard said...

Sometimes I wonder whether, even if there were an infinite number of Dons sitting at an infinite number of keyboards, they'd still come up with the same old crap.

Lucy Mail said...

If there were, I very much doubt that the wheel would have been invented, let alone the keyboard.

Anonymous said...

Naa, Lucy the wheels have come of the TDC and 747 luvvies wagons...months ago. I suspect Dons cogs are still cogitating over ECR's post!!