Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Let's Shoot The Harbour Master!

Not the new slogan for the Sunseeker Owners' Club's Campaign for Real Dredging. No, somebody wants to make one of those fly-on-the-wall series about our port and Royal Harbour!

Given my experience in the TV game, and my prominence on the interdoo-da regarding all things Ramsgate, it's not surprising I get approached by production companies after a bit of free advice. If you recall, last year I was in discussions with a TV outfit that had the rather outlandish idea of making Ramsgate - The Musical. Now a researcher for the people who bring you such student cult classics Cash in the Attic and Car Booty has sent me the following email:

I'm after some stories about the port of Ramsgate. Although the council can provide me with (limited) statistics, it's more annecdotal stuff I'm after. The reason I'm asking, is that we may be doing an observational documentary about the Port of Ramsgate, but I need to know if there's enough going on there to fill a series of programmes.

I'm not sure how many jolly, fat, gay men with goatees or homicidal bottle blondes work down the port, but go on...

What's the story with the Ferries? What's the main reason people catch them? Is it mainly booze cruises? Someone mentioned antique hunters as well. What's the draw of Ostend/Belgium?

You may well ask.

Illegal immigrants. What have been the main busts? What else has been memorable in this area? I heard about a Russian people smuggler sentenced recently.


Is there a lot of activity with regards to (the aforementioned)? We can fill programmes with human interest stories, but obviously it would be great to have stories related to the unique challenges working in a port provides? Any help you can provide would be appreciated.

So, anyone got any answers? The researcher concludes:

If you can keep this to yourself for the time being.

Oh dear. Didn't notice that bit before. Me and my big mouth!


Anonymous said...

Put them in touch with 'Biggles' if they need a well balanced veiw of what goes on in Thanet & the outside world.
He knows it all & everyone that matters.

Simes mate.

Anonymous said...

Get in touch with Tony Beachcomber and ask if JW's archive is available (just about everything historically published re Ramsgate Harbour).

Anonymous said...

And don't forget Searchlight Magazine 1996 back copies re the League of Saint George at Ramsgate and allegations of throughporting mercenaries to South Africa. (Allegedly shot out there by South Africa Police.)

If I recall the story one of the surviving alleged mercenaries would sail into Ramsgate Harbour and enjoy convicial company at the Royal Temple Yacht Club.

The local rag reported that Searchlight appeared gullible for a false story. the very idea of mercenaries at Southwood. (Even the local football clun there had no sharpshooters ... said the Gazette)

Then a couple of years went by and there was awarrant raid at Southwood recovering suspected firearms, ammo and explosives.

Once again the gazette reported opinion guised as fact to report that police had got it wrong.

A reasonable man might conclude that the League of Saint George wrote the reports and a compliant Gazette editor guised them as fact.

Robert Edwards cartoons (Thanet life in cartoons on web) may source some illumination of these matters.

A talented cartoonist.

Anonymous said...

As an ex meeja type myself, my advice would be to tell them to F*** off.

Lucy Mail said...

A talented cartoonist, indeed!
Unfortunately, everything else about the man shouts 'arse*ole of the highest order'. I think I'd rather sit and listen to Dr. S. Noores read out everything he's ever blogged, than spend five minutes in the company of him!

I'd be happy to supply details if ECR doesn't mind defamation of character being taken to new heights on his blog.
I certainly wouldn't want it on mine!

Eastcliff Richard said...

I quite agree, Lucy. I came across his site when I first started these jottings and couldn't work out which ridiculous extreme of the political spectrum he was coming from. He seems to hate UKIP, the BNP and Ramsgate First, but was once a member of the NF. He thinks the EU is a fine democratic institution (perhaps he's using irony there?), but believes that the world is in fact run by sinister global institutions. Maybe he should marry his sister and move to Arkansas.

Anon 8:32am - I'm sure now that they know I'm such a blabbermouth they won't be bothering us again. Besides, from the questions sent in by their, er, researcher I think they've confused Ramsgate with Dover!