Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Who Wants To Blackmail A Millionaire?

Well here I am again. Yes, it really is me, although I have no way of proving it. Perhaps the construction of that last sentence will give it away. Or that one. Cripes, this could go on indefinitely! See!

It seems that a 'colleague' here at the old, er, cliff top mansion availed himself of my computer to make one or two alterations to the login and password details on a number of my accounts which I had foolishly left sitting open in Firefox. His contract was coming to an unexpected end and he was feeling less than completely gruntled with his severance package, which he was endeavouring to enhance by causing a little electronic mayhem.

Following a full and frank kicking, however, he has been made to see the error of his ways, and will not be darkening the doors of the Eastcliff Corporation again. I'm afraid I can't name and shame him as that would contravene the terms of the, um, agreement we have reached. And would pretty much give away my real identity, something which hasn't escaped the toe rag despite the fact that he isn't much smarter than the average bear. Anyhow, I'd much rather save my thoughts for the next time someone comes to me asking for a job reference for the little bleeder.

Now, where's that backup file?


Anonymous said...

How strange; you have lost all your comments on this post; last time I looked there were 30+.

Eastcliff Richard said...

They got lost in the restoration process, I'm afraid. A puff of wind made them unsafe, so the whole lot had to be demolished.

Anonymous said...

Sounds familiar but I can't see how TDC was involved in any way as they were not Grade 2 listed. I wonder if Mr X backed them up as he seems busy on sites.