Thursday, February 07, 2008

Rubble Trouble

Our local biblio-bloke and tireless Ramsgate campaigner, Michael Child, tells me he's going to be on BBC Radio Kent tomorrow morning, talking about the 'conservation' efforts down on the front.

They interviewed him today, and you should be able to catch his dulcets between 7.30-8.30am. Of course, it was me that tipped them off. Well, if you've got connections use them, that's what I say!


Michael Child said...

Thanks Richard, I don’t know how much of an idiot I will sound nor if I will be able to record it to amuse my children, however Graham Cook the journalist was absolutely charming, just the man for the job, he really understood the significance of our architectural heritage.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad our local aviator isn't my local councilor it seems when someone hits a nerve or does not fit into his view of the world he resorts to name calling or stereotyping people on benefits as welfare scroungers. Oh to be privileged

Anonymous said...

Well done, Michael! The marina cafe issue is a sordid tale of ineffective local government. We must assume that a developer who has already been told that demolition is not an option and who fails to shore up and protect a listed building when instructed to do so ( last August) has a deliberate agenda that does not comply with the TDC position reference that listed building. To allow a developer back onto the site when you have, as TDC, taken on the work yourself, was the height of irresponsible folly. It is almost akin to allowing a child matches in a building with gas leaking; result a building left as a pile of rubble. This little saga needs a TDC committee to hold an enquiry or better still there may be some out there who know how to raise this issue with the local Govt ombudsman as quite frankly it stinks.

jolyon said...

good morning all.

i'll be tuning in via the internet, confident you will be doing an excellent job, michael.

i think the comments above frame the situation very well.

over the 30 years that i had an indirect involvement with the marina, the over-riding impression that i got from my uncle was that, barring a few good men, tdc were amongst some of the more inept / corrupt / incompetent councillors he had dealt with in business terms when compared to his businesses elsewhere in the uk.

it seemed to be a source of consistent frustration to him.

i remember back in the mid eighties, there was some sort of altercation that took place either with, or regarding, a chap called tony godden reference development of the sea front. i will ask my cousin about that this weekend.

my cousin also has a lot of old paperwork relating to the marina. i think these may be architectural plans besides old photos, etc. again, i will try to find out what is available and let you know.

have no idea whether this would prove useful but will let others be the judge of that.

Eastcliff Richard said...

Those nice people at the Beeb have also put my pic of the 'conservation' work on their photo gallery today.

Click here to take a look.