Tuesday, February 05, 2008

All Go(ne) Ramsgate!

It's all go (or gone) here on Ramsgate's trendy East Cliff! Concrete mixers for the repairs to our crumbling cliff face:

Diggers building a magic new roundabout:

Demolition men... oops, sorry, I mean conservation types restoring what's left of our Marina Cafe:

Careful with that, lads! It's got to go back exactly how it was now:

Even Gerry O'Ramsgate's getting around to painting out that objectionable yellow stripe on Ronnie Corbett's teeny-tiny kiosk:

Job (half) done!


Anonymous said...

It's worrying..just hope TDC can get something right?

Adem said...

Phew. First of all I thought the 2nd picture was of tha Bandstand! I thought that maybe the council had decided to carry out some 'maintainance' on it!

Anonymous said...

It's like waiting for buses isn't it? Nothing happenns for ages then three things come along at once.

Dave Cliche said...

An Englishman's cafe is his castle ruins.

Michael Child said...

They don’t seem to want to answer some basic questions about this road-building project, any ideas anyone.

1 As it is now likely that there will be a road adjacent to the cliff behind the development (from the TDC planning case file) why do we need a roundabout?

2 Why has work started on the roads before the environment agency has reported back to TDC with the safe height they can be above sea level?