Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Striking News

Suffering spam filters! With all the increased traffic on my site recently, I'm being inundated with email! I'd need an entire newsroom of highly trained hacks to sort through the gossip and check out all the stories you're sending me. So rather than going to all that bother, I'll just reprint this little missive just in from a usually reliable source:

From Wednesday next week the binmen are on strike. I don't suppose Biggles knows about this as Council members haven't been officially informed yet. There are no plans for a 'catch up' collection so those with wheelies will have to go a month without a collection and there will be no 'side waste' collected from the backlog!

Roger Gale is being taken to an Industrial Tribunal by a disgruntled ex-employee for unfair dismissal who is so p*ssed off with the Tories she has volunteered to work for Steve Ladyman!!

South Thanet Conservative Association is in receivership and the Sandys woman is having to work from Gale's office as the Ramsgate one has been closed due to said receivership.

From April this year those Thanet residents fortunate enough to have a green waste collection it will be abandoned and all of us will have to pay £6.00 for up to three bags of green waste to be collected. This will of course lead to even more fly tipping, thus more expense for the Council to clean up. Why not just leave it free? Probably cost less in the long run.

Phew! There's enough there to fill an entire newspaper!

Update: Just as I was thinking I might have been the victim of a beyond-the-grave prank by the late, lovely, dearly-departed Jeremy Beadle, along comes confirmation that a series of bin strikes will be going ahead on:

Wednesday 13th February
Thursday 21st February
Friday 29th February
Monday 10th March

As for the rest of it, surely it's just a matter of time!

Click here for full bin strike story on KOS media


Anonymous said...

I see, ECR, you've been granted the latest hissy-fit driven mouthful from Mr Moores. I say mouthful, but with his increasingly hysterical contributions, it's difficult to assess from which end of his body they are emerging.

Is there an anti-aircraft gun still working in Thanet?

Eastcliff Richard said...

There may be a couple left over from WW2 round the back of the harbour.

As for Dr M, I think he's fuming because I've touched a nerve. The first 'rumour' on this post has been proven correct, and I note that he does not deny the others but rather states the finer details of his story are innacurate (sic), exaggerated or both!

As for him characterising me as the living, gloating, metaphor of all that's wrong with our society it's gone straight under 'The Critics Rave' in my sidebar.

Anonymous said...

The ex-staff member was not, as you say, 'dismissed' - she walked out. She did not work for Roger Gale, she was the Association Manager and her employer was the North Thanet Conservative Association.

Anonymous said...

And now you're a "welfare sponger", according to Biggles. Let's hope nobody on benefit ever goes into the foul-mouthed *******'s political surgery looking for help. Clearly it's reserved for the people of whom he approves socially and politically. He really is becoming a hate figure.

Eastcliff Richard said...

Unfortunately the Doctor seems to have lost the plot big time. And he still won't give a straight answer to my questions.

I've never had the mispleasure of seeing him in the flesh. He's not a short man by any chance, is he?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad our local aviator isn't my local councilor it seems when someone hits a nerve or does not fit into his view of the world he resorts to name calling or stereotyping people on benefits as welfare scroungers. Oh to be privileged

Anonymous said...

Not short, but maybe challenged in another area of measurement?

Tony Beachcomber said...

Just come in from a grotty shift, and I am so pleased at reading the local conservatives problems plus the news the binmen are not going to be walked over. They have my support,
A perfect nightcap!

Observer said...

It also seems that the Dr's inexorable rise continues, I have it on fairly good authority that the present County Councillor for Margate West, one Robert Burgess (who ?)has been dumped in favour of a certain Dr for next years County Council elections. So it seems the plan is that he serves a term on TDC, becomes a 'twin hatter' serving on TDC and KCC, then he will presumably be 'parachuted' into a safe Tory Westminster seat. On the bright side at least when that happens we will be shot of him and he can vent his spleen and pour his bile and vitriol on some other poor souls.

Anonymous said...

'twin hatter'

I hope I heard right.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.54 said " The ex-staff member was not, as you say, 'dismissed' - she walked out."

I think the term is 'Contructive Dismissal'
In other words when someone is arrogant, pompous, rude and a bully to boot your working conditions become intolerable and you leave.

Anonymous said...

The decision to parachute Biggles into a safe seat is a good one! The plan is that they will however forget to tell him that his parachute is actually a DD bra and that the splat he hears will be music to Thanet's ears!