Sunday, February 03, 2008

Give My Regards To Broadstairs

Just back from a night of carousing with my Dickensian chums in Boredstares. Actually the place seemed eerily quiet, with landlords complaining that business had slumped. Still, I only had to tiptoe past a couple of rivulets of urine rather than the usual torrent that gushes down the high street at the witching hour, so every cloud has a silver lining.

Looking up from my pint of Masterspew (I've yet to find an establishment that stocks the Gaddfather's finest over there), I spotted a familiar face. None other than my old showbiz chum Simon, er... Simon... of Trevor and Simon fame! Or, er, it might have been Trevor, I could never really distinguish between the two. Trevor and Simon were, of course, the comedy duo on the BBC's Saturday morning kids show Going Live! Sort of the Ant and Dec of the 90s. Except that Ant and Dec were the Ant and Dec of the 90s. And the 00s come to think of it.

Sadly I haven't seen much of Trevor and/or Simon on the old idiot lantern recently. Perhaps, like me, his and/or his career is suffering from the Thanet Effect. Although not a day goes by without me bumping into Timothy Spall trundling around our Royal Harbour, and he's in everything. There's hope yet!


Anonymous said...

Is Harper's wine bar still shut? That was a magnet for the late-night 'in' crowd (Or should that be 'over'). I used to go to the Neps a lot but not so much lately, and often saw Trev (or Simon?) havin' a pint. Has the charm gone? (I mean the place).

Anyway, what's wrong with Masterbrew? Nice pint.

Eastcliff Richard said...

Nice if it's kept right.

Harpies does appear to be open still, so I'm not sure what's going on with the licence debacle. Perhaps it's gone to appeal, or perhaps they now have to shut at the normal witching hour rather than witching hour + 3. Could any Dickensians shed any light? Bleak Mouse perhaps?

Wasn't as crowded as as usual but trade seemed slack all round the wicket.

Bleak Mouse said...

OK. Charming owners (Dan and Caroline) have been released from Stalag Culmer (much needed and deserved holiday) and, having promised never, ever, ever to again provide the late night zoo with their entertainment, are back up and running- subject to license appeal, with which I wish them well. And... breaking news from the front,,,,Big Jim (last chip shop before the Eastern Front) tells me he has "degreased" and will open for "the Summer" in the next week or so. Hurrah!
Also, STOP STOP PRESS - am told current wasteland at Albion Hotel garden will be "made good". Sparrows as yet unconvinced.

Anonymous said...

That's good news. Harper's has a lot going for it IMO so long as they keep the crowds down and sort the amenities out.

Eastcliff Richard said...

Thanks for the update BM. And you'll be pleased to know I enjoyed a piece of cod that passed all understanding at your favourite chippie, the one with Jesus painted on the side, the other night!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed how the sand is building up in the harbour? If it contiunes to build up, we'll be make sand castles on our councils's carpark.

Anonymous said...

One of the worsening problems down Broadstairs is the ever increasing huge crowds of kids. All the Police / Council spin about their new powers to move them on is utter cods. Anyone who goes down Fri/Sat evenings will not every time but often encounter large groups, one of nearly 40 two weeks ago by the War Memorial, and there is no walking-police presence.
This must be most offputting to many people, having to walk out in the road or cross over to avoid the rabble.
Most of the police attendance is in cars or vans, some nights none, some nights loads of it, what it wants is some walking bill but every Fri/ Sat, lets face it it is such a small area to police on foot, and if they're not too engrossed with each other cos they walk in pairs it is obvious what the problems are to deal with them.
Don't tell me someone has risk assessed it and its not safe for the walking bill, so the public are left to fend for themselves.

The other unfortunate aspect mentioned by Mr Richard is the constant rivers of urine, as I say "Urine for a treat when you walk up Broadstairs High Street". If I can see all the yobs pissing in shop owners doorways, a walking bill could as well. Can you imagine what its like for shop owners the next day? Basic loos free to use provided by TDC and fines for the pissing yobs is what I say. Then there are the useless landlords who have inadequate WCs, they should be fined and licences removed, lets face it its their sales we're splashing around it.

Do we feel lucky?