Friday, January 22, 2010

Ramsgate Harbour Goes Down The Drain

One of my spies has emailed me this (click on it to enlarge):

Eurgh! As if there wasn't already enough sh*t floating around in our lovely Royal Harbour, now it appears the drains from the Royal Sands (Pleasurama in old money) development will run into the inner basin! Admittedly, it's only the water off the roof, but as my correspondent writes:

I have never seen anything written about this, then a couple of days ago I found this leaflet had come through my letterbox.

I personally think that Ramsgate Royal Harbour and Marina should be left out from the Royal Sands Development. Yachtsmen, after investing thousand of pounds in their yachts, will surely not be happy to share the water in the harbour with the sewage (it remains to be seen if it's just 'rain water') from the new development.

I haven't seen any planning application regarding this. I feel that some questions should be asked of TDC's planning and environmental department, KCC and Southern Water, who should surely be providing a proper 21st century sewage system for Ramsgate, where every time there is a downpour something floods.

Quite! How much are the mooring fees down there? And when was the last time anyone from the council got off their poop deck and scooped out the captain's log, let alone dredged the blasted thing? I think we should be told!


Ramsgate resident said...

We definitely should be told - and why are they still blocking off half of OUR promenade if they are not working on the site? Answers on a postcard please

Anonymous said...

Good old TDC they were told to try and skim a bit off the top of the Royal sands development and ended up with roof rainwater in the harbour.
Local taxpayers win again!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't understand this. When I had some building work done I had to have a huge soakaway dug on my own property to take all of the rainwater. I was told that this was because of building regulations. We now find that a large developer doesn't have to dig an appropriate soakaway at their expense and on their own land. They can simply discharge the run-off straight into the harbour. Yet another example of one rule for the little people and a more favourable rule for the wealthy developers.

Harbour Parade Resident said...

Is this another blunder of the T.D.C. Planning Department or a planning application pass through the back door? We residents of Harbour Parade and many other residents of Ramsgate would like to have our roofs and surface water redirected to the marina instead of our cellar been flooded with sewage by the inadequate and old sewage system. This is not the solution, and the residents of Ramsgate should have been publicly told about it.
The Ramsgate Royal Harbour and Marina is not only the Jewel of Thanet but of the World, so please show some respect.

Readit said...

It is quite normal under building regulations to allow surface water drain off to a convenient source of disposal. Existing buildings in Harbour St would require drainage to be segregated to achieve this as most of Ramsgate has combined sewers.

The most important item is that an adequate petrol interceptor should be installed if car park drainage is included.

Chris W said...
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Anonymous said...

I gather the council are now opening and closing the inner harbour later to keep more water in and compensate for the fact they haven't dredged it for years. Maybe the rainwater from the Royal Sands roof will help them!