Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kent Of The Year Awards

This year I'll be running my brand new Kent of the Year Awards, culminating in December in a star-spangled festival of glamour and glitz at Ramsgate's very own sleb hotspot, the Granville Theatre and Cinem!

And the first nomination is already in! Step forward Sir Terry Farrell!

Internationally renowned architect Sir Tel has joined forces with Kent County Council's Ruddy-Faced Man, geographically challenged Tory leader Paul Carter, to produce this steaming pile of crap which was published today:

One of its chief 'highlights' is the expansion of Manston landing strip into a 'major regional airport' with its own railway station by 2030, whilst promising to transform the area between Margate, Canterbury and Folkestone into a 'cultural triangle'.

Now we all know that Paul Carter doesn't know his Ramsgate from his Margate when it comes to this part of his fiefdom. He thinks planes from Manston fly 'straight out to sea'. Here's the page where he drones on about the Kent Coast:

Notice anything? Yes, that's right. He gives it a 'Dover', ooh and a bit of 'Canterbury' and 'Folkestone', topped off with a splash of 'Herne Bay, Whitstable and Margate'. No mention of Ramsgate though. Except the photo illustrating the Kent Coast 'coming back to life' is of our Royal Harbour here in Ramsgate, the jewel in the crown that he wants to fly knackered old 747s over every five minutes. And yet he hasn't got the balls to attend a meeting of Ramsgate residents concerned about the airport.

It would be too easy, though, to nominate Carter for my Kent of the Year Awards. He makes a stupid Kent out of himself every time he opens his mouth. His report bangs on about the county being the 'UK's front door'. Well, I'd personally be more than happy, if he ever shows his face in this neck of the woods, to insert this cods in his, er, back door.

More surprising is that Sir Terry Farrell, who coincidentally specialises in airports and railway stations, has appended his name to this bollocks. After all, he is none other than the Patron of the Ramsgate Society. A worthy candidate, then, for 'Kent of the Year'!

Click here to read more on the Gazunder website
Click here for 21st Century Kent on KCC website
Click here for the Ramsgate Society website


Richard Eastcliff said...

While I've got a head of steam worked up, may I also add that it seems nonsensical to employ an architect to help transform the 'Garden of England' unless you're planning on turning it into 'The Patio of England' (not that Carter wants anything to do with a freight depot or an offshore airport in his neck of the woods).

All we need now is a uPVC conservatory. Oh, I forgot. We've already got one. It's called Thanet Earth.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention he's also intending to pinch our grammar school places so the West Kent darlings won't have to go anyway nasty like a secondary modern; perish the thought.

Anonymous said...

That man Carter and that mob at Maidstone do appear to be going all out to f*** over Ramsgate, and I suppose Thanet. They are responsible for the idea of giving away East Kents grammer school places away to those in the far flung North(if your nearest and dearest just missed out then forget appealing, there will be no places left).
The Parkway station is a crap idea. It will be no nearer than Ramsgate station, so lay on a shuttle bus to Rammers! Simple, job done. Saved a million, the enviroment and the planet(Thanet)!

Anonymous said...

May be the award, which of course must go to Mr Carter for the outstanding services he keeps concealed oophs ..sorry delivers for the residents of Kent

and all complaints too...

Mr Paul Carter
Langley Park House
ME17 3NQ


Anonymous said...

Who needs grammar schools if anon 625pm refers to 'East Kents grammer schools' as opposed to 'East Kent's grammar schools'?....

Anonymous said...

The link to KCC didn't work! Something about the page being re-designed and them not recognising "The 21st Century" !!

Anonymous said...

How much did this cost the kent tax payer ?

Richard Eastcliff said...

It's only part 1 of an ongoing effort.

A more pointed question might be how much of our wedge is Terry the Builder, sorry Architect, getting for his services? Or is he doing it for nothing in the hope of winning some plum contracts further down the line?

Whatever the truth of that, he should get the boot as Patron of the Ramsgate Society as there is undoubtedly a conflict of interest in my opinion. What's he ever done for Ramsgate anyway?

Anonymous said...

If thevcurrent return fare from London to Ramsgate using HS1 is £63, from London to Gatwick its £30, so a family of 4 would pay about £100 more to reach Manston rather than Gatwick. Thats assuming there is a station at Manston and even with HS1 it would take them 40 mins longer.
No contest.

UK train fares are expensive. Not many day trippers will be using the train either!

Paris to Cannes can be had for £90 return for 2 people with advance booking.

Anonymous said...

True, that's because the French government sensibly subsidise non-polluting rail travel.