Monday, January 25, 2010

Poll Positions

Thanks to everyone who voted in my seven day poll to select a replacement for Sandy Beach, should he decide to take the honourable way out and resign as the leader of the Thanet Duffers this year. A record 181 votes were cast thus:

Question: Who would you prefer as the next Tory leader of Thanet?

Orville The Duck: 51% (94 votes)
Cllr Bruce: 23% (42 votes)
Cllr/Dr Moores: 7% (14 votes)
Cllr Wells: 6% (11 votes)
Cllr Bayford: 4% (9 votes)
Cllr Jarvis: 3% (6 votes)
Cllr Gideon: 1% (3 votes)
Cllr Wise: 1% (2 votes)

I hereby declare Mr Duck, Orville The, the winner! And guess what? He's already given me a sneak preview of his new cabinet:


ascu75 aka Don said...

Wot Didnt Big Bird get nominated

Tony Beachcomber said...

Macho male dominated cabinet as usual, poor Ms Piggy

Anonymous said...

I think the new cabinet is a vast improvement over the current muppets.

Anonymous said...

Now there's an idea for your next photo montage ECR

Readit said...

The best duck won!. Perhaps his "real" day job could be CEO at Chas n Dave, hear he knows a bit about night flying.

K said...

Kermit would be better than Roger as dep leader

Anonymous said...

Just all rather depressing to believe that a munch of muppets is all we the citizens of Thanet end up with - dont we deserve better?