Wednesday, January 27, 2010

'An Anonymous Spouter Of Spiteful Drivel'

Yes, dear reader. That's what I've been called by Cllr Wells in today's yourfannitinnit, in a comment on my recent Tory leadership poll. All the other Cons seem to have taken it in the spirit it was meant (apart from Cllr Wise who describes it as 'mischievous in the extreme', but that's probably just sour grapes as he came last).

That's the thanks you get from Thanet's Tories. And there I was, ever ready to praise Cllr Beardy as one of the few Duffers who seem to have integrity, particularly after his intervention to save Revolution Skate Park back in 2006. What a short memory he must have.

Although... hang on... perhaps it's a case of protesting too much? Maybe there's even the possibility of some sexual tension between us? He's probably seen my photo and, like most red-blooded chaps, has got the urge. And without the face fuzz, he's probably quite good looking too! Yes, that's almost certainly it! Chris, you know the poll wasn't my idea, don't you? Do forgive me, it was all Bertie Biggles' fault!

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Anonymous said...

Aaaargh. Well you take the Lark Rise to Candleford track till you see the sign for Spiteful Drivel.

When you get there you can ask where the cave of the Anonymous Spouter is.

They won't tell yer mind.

Cos he anonymous see.

Peter Checksfield said...

It's not all bad ECR, according to yesterday's Thanet Times you're more popular than beer, UFOs & my naked body! Or something like that.

Bertie Biggles said...

Sorry that you have been picking up the 'flak' Dickie , old chap. That's what comes with being Thanet's Premier Blog, my dear fellow.

Much fun though and glad to see Bruce the Goose, do so well after Orville. Methinks 'Mauwice'is splitting hairs about timing though. April is only 8 weeks away after all.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Bertie Biggles put litle Richard up to it hehe- We all know that Bertie has a personal problem with Thanet Tories but now he is trying to rope poor little ECR in to his nasty business hahahaha Shame on you Mr Biggles you must do your own dirty work hahahahaha I love it - Well done that bird!

chris wells said...

Ah ECR, you are judging on partial information (as evr). I too took things in the spirit intended, the quote finished with 'Spike Milligan would have been proud' which rather changes the savagery of thew first phrase alone. Trouble is, I suspect most of the YOur Thanet guys are too young to remember Spike, or even Michael Bentine's potty world, which is where I suspect you really live ECR!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think if you had that old porker bearing down on you would be looking at multiple organ damage and very little sexual gratification .
Reminds me of the old remark that Mrs Soames made about sex with that other loveable over weight Tory Christopher.
" It was like a wardrobe falling on top of you but with the key still in the lock.

Anonymous said...

What is interesting was the," Only in Thanet"remark. So are we some kind of subnormal grouping? another classic own goal from the Tories.
Maybe the reason that it is news worthy is that blogging allows some debate albeit light hearted sometimes about the lack of concern that Tory councillors show for the laughing stock that the council has become nationally.
We have a Forrest Gump in charge surrounded by a bunch of councillors too frightened to say enough is enough, lets get somebody to run the council who has some view as regards how we progress.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't Mrs. Soames but some mistress he had but still the point (!!) was well made.

Anonymous said...

A duck walks into the Margaaat Getaway to pay his Council Tax and told the staff 'Put it on my Bill'.

Richard Eastcliff said...

Well I've resolved to put it behind me. I've been called worse things. It's, er, water off a duck's back!

I'm sure Cllr Wells is sincere in his assertion that it was meant to be a witty jibe, rather than a stinging rebuke. I'm always the first to acknowledge that much of what I write here is drivel anyway, although not all of it is necessarily spiteful. Most of it, maybe, but not all of it.

If Cllr Wells does harbour any ambitions towards the leadership, I'd be the first to wish him jolly good duck! Er, I mean 'luck'!

Anonymous said...

Councillors that like to enter into Thanet's blogging world do so at their own risk. They may think its all good publicity for them but more often than not they come off worse. There is alway some bright spark that will have the last word and others that have very long memories and can recall every word published. And then there are the baiters.

No comment seems to be the safest bet. Entering slanging matches is not what one expects from would be leaders!

Anonymous said...

Didn't Cllr,Jarvis show himself up to be the grovelling nonentity that he obviously is? In addition to putting himself up for leader one hears he's put himself to be MP and Euro MP as well. Not a bad ambition for an out of work ^anker!

Richard Eastcliff said...

If he's an 'out of work ^anker' perhaps he should try getting a job down the port?

Boom boom!