Thursday, January 28, 2010

Singing Songs Of Love

A break now, methinks, from the rough and tumble of Thanet politics. And what better way to refresh the jaded old brain cells than with a bit of music?

Not that a massed band consisting of bagpipes, middle eastern percussion and hurdy gurdies is going to do much to sooth the troubled spirit, but anyhow, that's what's on offer here in the Millionaires' Playground on 20 March. Fittingly called 'Ramsgate Buzz', the day's being organised by the isle's very own, internationally renowned hurdy gurdyist Claire Dugué. There'll be workshops in the morning and afternoon, culminating in a concert at the Sailors' Church kicking off at 7pm.

And what better way to celebrate the news than with this clip of the late, great, lovely Donovan [He's still alive you twerp - Ed] singing his psychedelic 1968 hit Hurdy Gurdy Man? Although I'm pretty sure it's a sitar, not a hurdy gurdy, that features on the track. Ah, those were the days! When everyone was pin-thin from heroin, dressed in weird clothes, jazz cigarettes hanging from their gobs, and had sex with anyone they met. Not unlike some of the more demotic parts of today's Ramsgate, when you come to think of it!

Click here for details of Ramsgate Buzz
Click here for Claire Dugué's website


Tony Beachcomber said...

I like track ECR, youtube has definatley opened up the world of mind expanding psychedelia through easy access. Especially the work of Sid Barret, Peter Green and Tyrannosaurus Rex to name a few.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Eastcliff
Thank you for your kind attention !
Hope to see you at the concert !

Claire Dugue

Richard Eastcliff said...

Looking forward to it!