Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sun City

Blasting the TT back home down the M2 at some god-awful hour this morning, after yet another showbiz charity yawn in the West End, I became aware of an orange glow on the horizon, in the direction of Margate.

'Nothing new there', I thought, and began mentally crafting a post about the Arsonists' Playground being the Ile's very own version of 'The Smoke'.

It was only when I got past Herne Bay that I realised I had made a mistake, and was in fact gazing at Dawn's Crack. Seems just as appropriate in oh-so-many ways.


Duck Baker said...

One of the reasons why I decline to drink in the Belgian bar any more.
I may return once plate tectonics have moved the hills far enough south to cover this hideous sight.
BTW, from the Thanet Way, Dawn's crack would appear over Ramsgate, surely?

Eastcliff Richard said...

One would have thought so, but no, it was rising over Margate way, around 2.45am. Must be something to with the time of year, hemispheres, er, has anyone got a number for Patrick Moore?

Snailspace said...

Second star on the left and keep going till dawns crack I supose.

Little Weed said...

I have 3 friends named Dawn and they are all crackers. Is this just a coincidence?

Lucy Mail said...

That 'second star' would be a Klingon thing, I'd imagine.

AlienSoulMates said...

Don't talk to me about Klingons. I went out with one once. Very disappointing in the old pork Bat'leth department.