Thursday, June 22, 2006

Mile High Club

It's amazing what you can do these days from the comfort of your first class bed, 30,000 feet above the Atlantic! I've just booked a taxi to pick me up at Heathrow, and now I'm writing this cods on my laptop.

I expect there'll be a delegation to welcome me back when I get to Heathrow. In case nothing's been arranged, I'll be there around 11 o'clock, BA252, Terminal 4.

That should give everyone just enough time to put up the bunting.


Lucy Mail said...

I had my bunting out already but, unfortunately, one of my cats ate it.
I'm sure it can be retrieved at some point but am not sure how presentable it's going to be.
A can of air freshener should iron out anything untoward, I'm sure.

Nethercourt said...

Bunting! That explains all these ruddy flags.... and the tarting-up with hanging baskets etc.
And there was me thinking you'd left under a cloud.
Patently, your worth is now more appreciated sir!!