Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Another One Bites The Dust

Thanet's Blogmaster General has culled another blogger, I see. This time the victim is the East Cliff's very own, viridescent, car-crushing councillor Dave Green.

The Incredible Hulk (as DG's known in these parts) claims to be mystified as to the reason. Personally I imagine the Doc's had another one of his hissy fits, and blasted any link that was left with 'Eastcliff' in the title.


tony flaig said...

I must say that I not surprised that Mr Green has been given the chop, he is a dangerous lefty isn't he.

But $?@"<, me for some reason I think ive been deleted from thanets alternative er thingy, me with my moderate voice of reason and the status quo

Eastcliff Richard said...

Which alternative thingy's that?

Eastcliff Richard said...

Doh! You mean Thanet Life, Thanet's Alternative newspaper. The old noddle's still a bit addled.

DrMoores said...

First I've heard of it. In fact, all I've done, instead of linking all the local blogs one by one on the sidebar, which takes up space, I've just used the "Thanet Weblogs" link, which takes you to all of them. Or to quote Oscar Wilde.."true refinement seeks simplicity" or something like that.. could have been the other way around though!