Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Everyone Bites The Dust

Bit of an update on that last post, as Tony Flaig (Man Eating Sausage In Wenceslas Square) has pointed out, everyone's now gone from yer man's list of blog links, apart from the excellent Thanet Blog List.

Probably just an admin thing then. Happy to correct that. No hard feelings. Water under the bridge. Time's a great healer. Plenty more fish in the sea. A stitch in time saves nine. Ect.


Lucy Mail said...

What goes up, must come down.

Out of the Doreen Potts, into the flyer.

People who live in grass houses shouldn't stow thrones.

A bird, in the bush, is worth two in your hand.

Eastcliff Richard said...

Good on yer, Dor, for putting the sand in his gusset!

Doreen Potts (Mrs) said...

Yes dear, but now I've been barred from Thanet Life and most of my jottings an musings removed. He said they were in poor taste. I feel like I've been stripped naked by that man. I just hope he is a medical "doctor", because if not... oooh, it doesn't bear thinking about. I even had a fan there, who probably thinks I've been put in a home as I've gone all silent.

Doreen Potts (Mrs) said...

And I see that there are very few comments on Dr Moores' site since he got all upset and threw everyone out. I don't think people like that sort of behaviour. And I thought he was such a nice man, sitting in his aeroplane with all those cockpit pictures.

Anonymous said...

I feel sure that many more people will gravitate towards this infinitely more liberal site as a consequence of Dr Moores reaction not to tastless or offensive posts, but to expressed views and humour that he simply, personally, does not like. His description of people who have challenged his rather one-sided view of life as "troublemakers", and his inconsistent and biased application of his "house rules" are very sad. He is now left with a diminished band of supporters with a narrow and rather dry blog.

His removal of virtually all the Doreen Potts items is especially strange. They had raised a smile and attracted positive comment. They were not offensive yet he clearly perceived them as a threat.

Anonymous said...

Did he perhaps identify the source of Doreen Potts; he is a clued up IT man!

Anonymous said...

Anon of 11.31, you are probably right. I think most people appreciate that there is no real anonymity on the Internet. But given that the Potts items were obviously intended as fun/humour/nonsense, and given that they had attracted a warm reaction from some for being just that, true authorship really doesn't matter.

What it demonstrates is that his "culling" had nothing to do with any allegedly offensive remarks, ie with content, but all to do with his wish to block out certain individuals, because he doesn't like them, or perhaps fears them. Maybe he feels they are a threat to him and his control and massaging of debate on his website.

Whatever, contributions to Thanet Life seem to have all but dried up, which is a pity in many ways.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure Eastcliff Richard is a forum for serious political debate, as it's more fantasy/humour (unless the author really is some C list celebrity who's moved to a cliff top mansion in Ramsgate, in which case apologies ECR!). Serious topics are raised in passing, though, and ECR doesn't seem to be so uptight about which end of the political spectrum the comments are from, as long as they have a bit of wit about them.

I agree that it's sad to see Thanet Life fade as it serves a purpose, but I'm afraid its author seems very sensitive for a man who appears to have acheived so much, and unable to tell the difference between teasing playfulness and actual spite and venom. He set himself up as 'Thanet's Alternative Newspaper', and nailed his political colours to the mast, so why can't he accept that he's going to have to take a bit of flak. He's like a stand-up comic who can't cope with hecklers!