Sunday, June 25, 2006

Out Of Their Tidy Minds

I see Thanet District Council has retained its warped sense of humour while I've been away.

They've fixed this huge banner, informing us 'Ramsgate is beautiful, let's keep it that way', to their rusty old temporary fencing that prevents people from straying too close to the edge of our crumbling East Cliff.

Despite an engineer's report that the cliff is in imminent danger of collapse, the go-getters at our new look, newly responsive TDC have done nothing about it for more than a year.

Still, I'm sure they'll offer to tidy up the mess when the whole thing tumbles onto the site earmarked for luxury apartments below.


Cllr David Green said...

I hope the fence and TDC's insensitivity didnt spoil your enjoyment of "Dancing in ther Moonlight"?
TDC bigwigs were invited, but found somewhere else to go !

Eastcliff Richard said...

Ah - Cllr Green! Nice to see you, to see you nice! Crumbs, now I really am turning into Brucie.

The Moonlight Dancing was splendid, congrats to all involved. And it's good to see the bandstand is due to begin it's overhaul this week. Things really are looking up along the East Cliff, apart from the eyesore that is the temporary fencing. You never know, if that gets fixed, they may start calling it Millionaires' Row around here!

Artyblartfast said...

There's similar banners on all the lamp posts on Margate seafront. I've been trying to take a snapshot of them including the rubbish on the streets but now the big wheel has gone there's no were I can get the right angle.