Thursday, June 22, 2006

Mile High Pile

Where was the bunting, eh? Where were the crowds of well-wishers?

Nothing, nada, not une saucisse. Just a pile of Sadscenes big enough to build a tower block with, 497 pizza menus, a two inch layer of pussy fluff everywhere, and a couple of desiccated purrer's nests under the lounge room rug. What a welcome.

I thought Angela was popping in every day to look after Bertie. Come to think of it, where is Bertie?


Snailspace said...

Gull fodder I wouldn't wonder, what with the CTM sliding into the sea and all that.
Or maybe that was another CTM.
I don't know, anyway welcom back old bean.

Anonymous said...

A two inch layer of pussy fluff ?
Everywhere ?
you lucky man