Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Cat Tales

Thanks for all the concerned emails asking whether I've been re-united with Bertie the Burmese. As you can see, he's alive and well, and back in Ramsgate. Angela had temporarily removed him to Barnes for safe-keeping.

She's questioned Bertie's pedigree many times, but the breeder definitely said he was a Burmese as I handed over the rather substantial cheque, so there's confirmation.

In other feline news, Bev, my agent, rang to tell me that I've been booked as the face of Catch It In A Bag, a new brand of deodorised litter tray liner. As part of the deal I can have as many samples as I like! Apparently they loved my suggestion for a tagline: Catch It In A Bag - The Purrfect Partner For Purrer's Nests!

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