Monday, May 20, 2013

Wheelie Bins On Fire, Rollin' Down The Road

Apologies to the late, great Bob Dylan (He's not dead - Ed.) for appropriating his lyrics, but there appears to have been a spate of what can only be described as 'arson about' across the island recently.

Not that earner burners and the like are unknown here in Fannit. But having torched all the big stuff (Dreamland, Pleasurama, most of Margate), the local ne'er-do-wells have now turned their attention to the slightly more trivial pursuit of popping the odd Bryant and May into our wheelie bins.

Showing a modicum of talent for the job, they are targeting the recycling bins, being, as they are, full of combustibles such as paper and plastic. Even the local fules know it's hard to set light to cat turds, soiled nappies, and used condoms.

Regular contributor Steve has put an FOI request into the boys in brown at Kent Fire and Rescue, and come up with some startling figures. In the three-and-a-bit years since records began, there have been 74 wheelie bin fires on the Ile de Thanet, that's around two per month. Out of those 74, almost a third (26) have been in Central Harbour ward, down here by our lovely Ramsgate Royal Harbour. Thus confirming my theory that the closer to large amounts of water something gets, the more likely it is to burst into flames.

I guess it's all in the name of 'fun'. But, as they say, it's all fun and games until someone gets burnt to death.


Osama Bin Burner Retd said...

And it will get worse now Michael has blocked anonymous comments on his blag (sic).

Bored bile spewers, lighter fuel and matches.

3 years you say ?

That is about the time advice, to always boil your Thanet tap water, has been about.

Leading to the discovery that Thanet tap water is on occasions still flammable.

You have, of course, made the problem worse by rewarding attention seeking behaviour with attention.

Anonymous said...

Haven't told you what the local plod have done to prevent us lucky centrals getting burned to death.


Swat team hiding in the bushes?

Increased patrols on the area?

Leafletted every householder advising them of the risk?

Nope, they've stuck up some A4 signs on some lamp posts in the area for the perpetrators reminding them that arsonists can go to jail for life.

Only if they get caught though!

Anonymous said...

The local plod could set up some decoy bins and hide in them.

Readit said...

I think it is down to sea gulls dropping incendiary bombs.

We have a sea gull proof bag here in Central Harbour and have had no problems.

Peter Checksfield said...

Did TDC reveal how many bins have gone missing? Two have disappeared from Checksfield Towers here in the Western Brook within the past couple of months.

Readit said...

30% of the wheelie bins in Central harbour have spontaneously combusted, that's a load of rubbish.

Richard Eastcliff said...


Anonymous said...

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