Thursday, May 02, 2013

Thumbs Up For Dreamland Scheme

This just in here at the Big Blog newsroom - The Duffers have been given the final go-ahead for the compulsory purchase of the Dreamland site over in The Smoke (Margate).

The decision, by High Court Judge Phillip Sycamore, paves the way for a £12m 'heritage theme park' (knackered old rides to you and me), with top designer Wayne Hemingway at the helm.

On balance it's probably good news for the Arsonists' Playground, but I can't help wondering when Thanet Council are going to start spending tens of millions on our derelict seafront here in Ramsgate. Is it because they are based in Margate? I think we should be told!

Click here for the full story on the KOS website.


Allan Mallinson said...

Great, but I am sure someone like Louise or the Red Hall mob will form a 'Say No to Theme Parks' protest group whilst Driver will jump on the Roller Coaster to shout from a great height.

Also don't hold your breath on the Aquifer Man coming up with some theory about pollution from vintage fairground rides and 0% rises for the brake man.

Richard Eastcliff said...

Actually I think you'll find Louise has been pretty supportive towards the Dreamland project, AM.

You could be right about Aquifer Man though!

Hang on. AM? Aquifer Man? You're not one of his many disguises are you?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Port Access Road could be turned into Ramsgate's Theme Park, Dodgems, Cart racing and a gigantic Watershoot at the end.

Anonymous said...

What's the story regarding TDC selling Dreamland cinema last week?

Allan Mallinson said...

Heaven forbid, ECR, I may not be perfect, but the Aquifer Man, I shudder at the thought. Imagine living your life looking for pollution and untreated sewage off the foreland. No, that is a sad soul of very limited vocabluary and even more limited debating skills.

Richard Eastcliff said...

Nah, I was only kidding AM!

Odd, isn't it, that Aquifer Man runs (or at least used to run) a PR business? You'd think he'd be better at PR!

JudithHaire said...

Yes. Unless I am mistaken there's a Ramsgate Town Council. Does this do anything beyond spending over £40k on new christmas lights for the high street? Very useful. Wouldn't it make sense to transfer the Margate based Thanet Council into the Turnoff Centre and turn the Cecil Street pile into luxurious flats?

Big Bopper 69 said...

What's next?
The Pav(old casino), or Westcliff Hall?

Chuck Collins said...

You can bet your bippy that there WILL be protests from those who have a fetish for dereliction and actually want to keep the Pleasurama and Dreamland sites as slumlands. You are right that Margate has an unfair share is called Arlington House, another several thousand tons of concrete gradually crumbling and suffering from zero maintenance. Tesco offered a way out but ... [repeat from top of this comment again and again and again] Now, is anyone brave enough to tackle corruption in TDC?

Lyndon T Palmer said...

You ask if anyone is "Brave enough" to tackle corruption in TDC. Anyone who attempts that is bound to face a chorus of criticism on blogs.

As I understand it Leader Cllr Clive Hart's secretary acknowledged requests yesterday that he consult TDC legal officers and Scrutiny Chair Cllr Driver re putting in place a point of law (Full council jurisdiction) process before Standards can assume jurisdiction for current complaint against Cllr Moores.

Richard Eastcliff with his Private Eye experience will be far more knowledgeable of courts and law and libel than I could claim.

But I gather it is like a company secretary giving evidence on behalf of a company. And the issue, as I understand it, is whether Cllr Hayton in High Court in 1998 was giving TDC evidence to the Court and not merely his own evidence.

That appears to be the crux. And the procedure would be that Scrutiny interview Cllr Hayton and ask for his High Court Statement of Truth and his account of his evidence.

It would then be for Scutiny to report to Full Council to determine the position and duties of TDC to High Court.

And only then would it be possible for Standards to take jurisdiction whether Cllr Moores blogged in a private capacity. If his accusations of libel relate to High Court matters in which TDC evidence was given or to which TDC should have been a represented interested party. Then it would be the case that Moores blogged as a cllr I presume. Then he could be subjected to Standards Inquiry.

Scrutiny will also need to obtain Margate Charter Trustee records for the debate and vote ending public funding of Kent Adventure Training Corps. This meeting was told that Kent Police Special Branch were making inquiry. Hence any cllr there would have been in a position to know that if Hayton (TDC) evidence to high Court was to say "There is no process of inquiry" it would be Hayton (TDC) perjury.

The bogus Combat Training Team Royal Marines that began at Croydon spitting distance from where Simon Moores was at college at the time, has emerged to be associated with Kent Adventure Training Corps adult leaders.

Since that youth group was supported by Roger Gale the questions can spread. Like why gale failed to help landowner complainants about unlawful use of 6th Thanet Gun range.

I understand that Cllr Driver is maybe a bit scared to be drawn in. I hope it is not an IRA supportive SWP history that is causing timidity.

Criticise away. The chances of TDC doing the right thing by the law ? Don't hold your breath.

Anonymous said...

Now there is a surprise for Lyndon Palmer is none other than our old mate of the conspiracy theory, Richard Card alias Rick alias Retired. Still the same old unsubstantiated nonsense that nobody from the Chief Constable down to us Thanet bloggers takes seriously. What a waste of life it must be.

Anonymous said...

Or "Retarded" as everyone prefers to call him!

John Holyer said...

I rather enjoy my exchanges of mostly insults with the Manston Aquifer Man. He always tries to give as good as he gets. Which is not the case with Christine Tongue of the Red Hall Massive who merely simpers. Maybe this is the norm for the Broadstairs Asti Spumante Socialists.

John Holyer said...

I do wish Dreamland well. It is part of my childhood. My parents kept the erstwhile 'Station Hotel' and at age 7 I would fall asleep to the sound of the screams of the girls on the Scenic Railway. We also advertised Dreamland in the pub and received in return complimentary tickets for the rides. I would rush off with these on my own to Dreamland. These was the days when all children could wander about on their own without fear. Those days will never return. Which I fear may also be the case with Dreamland.

John Holyer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John Holyer said...

My preceding post: it appears to read that 'at the age of 71'. It should be of course be 'at age seven I'm sure that this is self evident, and that I may be too late to avoid the wags playing on 71.

Anonymous said...

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