Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Top Place Has Its Chips

Well, as they say on Football Focus, there's confirmation. One of Ramsgate's top nosheries has closed its doors for good.

Reader Steve has just sent me this snap of the front door of Eddie Gilbert's in King Street. The sign says:

Dear Customers,

It is with great sadness that we have to announce that, after more than 5 years serving the Ramsgate community, Eddie Gilbert's has now ceased trading.

We thank you for your custom.

What a shame. I had heard rumours that, since the tragic and untimely death of its owner Johnny a year or so ago, things had been tricky. Or perhaps it's just the current, crappy economy that did for them. What with the ferries gorn too, it's been a bad week for the Millionaires' Playground. Or, to put it another way, maybe some of the millions being spent on regenerating Margate should now be diverted to the sunny south of the island!

Bugger. You know what this also means? Bloody KFC for tea! Grrrrr!


Eric said...

Why does everything go tits up in Thanet?

Louise Oldfield said...

Am really sorry to hear this. Johnny put such energy and passion into the business.

Anonymous said...

Thanet gets more than its fair share of Tits up due to the mentality of many of the population. The 'Island' mentality is destructive.

Anonymous said...

On our first visit some time ago we were treated very well, had generous portions of food thst were good value for money but on our second visit, with a load of DFLs dining, we, as locals, were ignored, given small portions and felt it was poor value for our hard-earned cash. Never went back. Four tiny olives from a jar with no bread or olive oil was a starter for too much money.

Allan Mallinson said...

One only has to read the quality of what passes for debate around Thanet's blogs to understand why everything is sub standard. One liner supercilious comments, ignorance, bigotry and the total hijack of thanetonline by someone plugging gay issues dominate, whilst most of the one time literate contributors have taken the gap.

If what we have left are representative of Thanet folk, it should be no surprise that everything from our council downwards is a shambles.

Steve said...

What a loss this is for Ramsgate and Thanet. This was a favorite for many people and a shining star and great attraction to get people into Ramsgate. It will be missed. :-(

Anonymous said...

The boy Mallinson seems to think that TDC is the apogee of Thanet life rather than scraping the bottom of the barrel.

His sub-literate musings are dull and offtopic as so often.