Thursday, May 09, 2013

Ballot Dancing

Readers with long memories will remember that we once had a Conservative councillor on the Ile de Thanet who actually did kill a kitten. Straight up. No bullshit.

Anyhoo, following last week's UKIP love-in, today sees another two elections down in the tip of Kent. Both are by-.

One is here in Ramsgate and has been called because of independent motormouth Ian 'Pile' Driver's flouncing out of our teeny-tiny council. The list of candidates makes for grim reading. Three I've never heard of, and two who I have heard of and would never vote for. I'll leave you to ponder who's who in that particular zoo.

The other ballot is over on the grubby, north side of the island. It follows the conviction and jailing of our erstwhile, inglorious Tory council leader Sandy 'Beach' Ezekiel for corruption. The only name I recognise on the list is the lovely Louise Oldfield, tireless Margate campaigner and owner of the excellent Reading Rooms, that splendid boutique B&B on Hawley Square. She made the 80+ mile round trip to Maidstone Crown Court every day of Ezekiel's nine day trial to tweet and blog us the latest. So my vote, if I had one, would be for her.

Oh well. Hey-ho. Whoever I recommend, it's pretty much a dead cert that we'll end up with another couple of purple people eaters to add to the ever-growing list!

Update: I was right (but then when am I not?!). Two more to add to the UKIP list. Kuh!


Anonymous said...

What does Rozanne Duncan look like? There doesn't seem to be any pics of her / him!

Anonymous said...

A bit strange to have the Ramsgate council Mayor election yesterday but then elect a new councillor today. Maybe they would have stood as Mayor rather than the usual party shoo-in farce?

And why in Cliftonville is Seth from Broadstairs standing except as a Party hack?

And not sure tweeting a court session is any great political point: they are open sessions anyway, unless closed by the Judge.

Anonymous said...

I'd vote Charles Buchanan. He's running things and sees more of the other politicians than the rest of us put together.

Anonymous said...

The kitten killer was very much behind the youngsters of Kent Adventure Training Corps. And with alleged child porn (most serious category) downloader tory Cllr Daly tried to sustain Thanet Council (Margate Charter Trustee) funding for this Thanet tory favoured private cadet group.

At the Charter Trustee meeting (which ended public funding of KATC) the cllrs were told that Kent Police Special Branch were conducting inquiry/

Which is odd because at the same time the Chief constable was reporting to Home Secretary that they were not conducting inquiry.

Kent Plod telling porkies to Home Secretary perish the thought.

Louise Oldfield said...

Thanks Richard! So, it's all done now and Cliftonville East is also UKIP. To the anon who said that anyone can tweet now in open court. The answer is that you can't. You have to apply to the judge and to abide by the contempt of court rules. In a criminal trial that means being fair and balanced. That entailed staying from beginning to end. So I did stay the whole 2 weeks.

I'll be passing on the residents concerns that were passed to me during canvassing to the winning Rozanne Duncan from UKIP.

OBE said...

You should be ashamed!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Boris Island rejected by Parliament on the news in favour of runways at Heathrow and/or Gatwoick.

Luton and Stansted still only at c.50% of capacity.

KLM flights half-full.

The only question now is exactly when will Manston close?

Anonymous said...

The point on tweeting in court or attending for 2 weeks was so what in terms of any great political point/ECR's comment? Even more so if the judge has to give permission first.

Anyone can view a trial from the public gallery - unless again the judge closes the session - and tweet or telephone reports in the breaks and transcripts/reporters are available.

That said I can't see why - as at TDC - court tweeting etc should always be allowed unless specifically forbidden in certain/few cases.

Are TDC meetings filmed/tweeted routinely now?

Anonymous said...

The only person who seems to be allowed to tweet live from TDC is Simon Moores, so all we get is the view through bluey tinted glasses

Sheepish said...

Actually, I think you will find the RSPCA arranged for the demise of pussykins...Though I do not agree that the animal care skills of TWF were top class..
I would comment on the care skills of the RSPCA, but they might try to use public funds to prosecute me if I did!

Anonymous said...

Interesting that only four TDC councillors have 'NO' home address!

Councillor Fenner, Councillor Marson, Councillor Sullivan, and Councillor Worrow!

I understand Marson has a good reason... What about the others?

Anonymous said...

Christine mentioned a mass film-in and tweet-in for council meetings: they can't keep throwing everyone out. Mind you almost noone goes to council meetings, long having given up on the idiots.

Anonymous said...

Hopscotch and criminal damage ECR, rather than a warning should she have been tasered by the police?

Anonymous said...

Christine's publicity stunts really helped with the election results, much to Roger Latchford's joy!

Anonymous said...

Christine is playing hopscotch now? I thought she was disabled?

Anonymous said...

Clumsily worded - I meant the schoolgirl hopscotch.

Why would Christine's filming of Latchford done anything to help him? It shows his rather nasty gaybaiting of Worrow.

His only policy now is to repeal gay marriage. Hardly useful in a recession. probably KCC UKIP will simply do as Carter says as before.

Those two have more to tell of their antics.

Peter Checksfield said...

That's one way of looking at it 6:28... another way is seeing 3 desperate people (Worrow, Tongue & the fat bloke) attempting a publicity stunt and it backfiring badly as Latchford remained dignified and calm throughout.

The fact is that most of the public aren't quite as gullible as a few people think, and can see right through the stunts and sloganeering by Worrow, Tongue, Driver etc.

Anyway, where are those lot hiding now that there's not an election coming up? At lease Louise Oldfield had the decency to post a message on her blog within hours of losing, thanking those who helped her and (importantly) promising to pass on residents concerns to the winner.

Anonymous said...

I have heard he didn't kill the cat but took the blame for someone else, which makes him just as bad. But he took a nice bonus when he left the Mayor Parlour and helped himself to the rest of his mayors wages for that year, did promise to pay it back at £5 a week but the money never materialised.

Anonymous said...

Brian Sullivan when in Thanet, lives in one of Ezekiels obodes, 12B is next to the 12A the property he is now serving a prison sentence for.
Probably the reason why Cllr Sullivan does not give out his address on TDC's web site, is debt collectors are trying to trace where they live as both Brian and his wife are owing a lot of money to numerous people.
Are there any councillors we can rely on and respect in TDC?

Carole Russell said...

I attended the meeting at Broadstairs Church Thursday evening. I was plesantly suprised to hear and see people behaving themselves speaking from the heart, whether or not I agreed with their speech it was very informing, UNTIL
Ian Driver again disgraced himself in a public place, ranting and raving and making himself look an absolute idiot yet again.
Just how much longer have the public to put up with his disgraceful outbursts and lack of respect for his fellow man.
Just hope at the next election the public shall remember these childish outbursts and his
unreliability to stay a councillor of the party he represented and let all his residents down.
This is why I believe the Government should stop this from happening again. If a councillor chooses to change parties they must wait until the next election to be voted in again by their constituents, not please themselves what they do.
We are paying their wages they should not be able to jump ships.