Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Island Hopping

How splendid of my old showbiz chum 'n' Dec (of Ant 'n' Dec fame) to transport his cruiser all the way up from the Med for my trip back to the Ile de Thanet! Although I'm not sure what happened to 'All Hands on Dec I'. Best to gloss over that I suppose. Thanks to all the satellite wizardry on board, I'll be able to blog in as we cruise up the coast of northern France, feasting on caviar and sipping fizz! Then it's just a short hop across La Manche to the Millionaires' Playground.

While I've been pissing it up in Jersey, the more astute among you will have noticed that comments have been turned off to prevent the ongoing vomit of vexatious vilification from some of the blogosphere's more fragile members. However, now that I'm constantly in touch again, I've stood down from Defcon 1 to Defcon 2. Meaning that comments, anonymous or nonymous, will be allowed but moderated (i.e vetted by me before they're put on the blog).

Meanwhile, if you're bored and at a complete loss for something to do, you could always pop along for a morton at this pile of pants. Anyway, moustache now as I can hear the popping of corks! Laters!


Lucy Mail said...

I'm not sure that censorship is really the answer, myself.
If someone says, as they sometimes do, something completely ludicrous, can't everyone work that out for themselves?
Obviously, if it's socially/legally unacceptable, delete it.
But there's few instances of that compared to the amount of comments that you are going to have to vet!
And it does detract from spontaneity, somewhat.

Anyhow, if you've taken the rest of the week off to recover from your weekend away, could you do me a favour and pop to Michael's bookshop and pick up a map that he's printed out for me.
I would do it myself but I'm Lancaster this week and next, setting up for a seance at The Athenaeum, in early October.

I'm also unsure what he meant by 'free'!
Perhaps you can find out?

Cheers in advance!

Anonymous said...

Wendy Allan who lives in Dane Vally, says she will run as an Independent candidate.

Anonymous said...


Peter Checksfield said...

Glad you're coming round to mine & Simon's way of thinking at last!

Lucy Mail said...

You mean 'strop off in a huff and then when no-one follows you, come back and say something snide', peewee?
How goes it with severing those links, btw?

Peter Checksfield said...

Whatever you say babes.

Lucy Mail said...

Well quite!
Even the most challenged of individuals understands that truth eventually.

Just out of curiosity Dickie, apart from Hands On Dec 1, you might ask what happened to 2 through to 10, too?