Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mystery Of Ramsgate 'Ghost Ship' Deepens

By Isle of Thanet Gazunder Maritime Correspondent Terry Ferminal

The mystery of when or if the planned Euroferries fast service from Ramsgate to Boulogne will start has deepened, with one of the key backers said to be 'unwell'.

In a letter to Dave Anorak, chair of Ferry Spotters International, local MP Steve Ladyboy reveals: 'I have spoken to the company. The service has been held up by one of the principle people involved being taken seriously ill. They assure me everything is still on track but slightly delayed.'

When Dr Ladyperson first announced the Euroferries service at the beginning of the year, it was due to start 'imminently'. However the date was subsequently put back to February, then March, then April, then May, then June [Yes, we get the picture - Ed]. In July Thanet Council announced that the new cross channel service, with five daily crossings, would 'commence in September'.

Meanwhile, the Euroferries website still says it will start taking passengers in August 2009, and 'Bonanza Express', the catamaran the company is said to have chartered for the route, remains laid up in Tenerife, where it has been since July. In December last year it suffered a serious accident, with all 175 passengers having to be evacuated.

Commenting on the latest non-development, Dr Ladychap told the Gazunder: 'A'right dair la'? Nah, nah, yer a'right.' And he added: 'Any road, talkin' of dat dair ferry doh, it shows I'm da gaffer like don' it doh dave dee dozy beeky mick an' tich. I'm tellin' yer it's de gear, de friggin' gear dair doh ray me far sew la tea doh!'

Asked for his view on whether the Euroferries service would ever start, Dave Anorak said: 'I do not ordinarily speculate on stories of this nature and would prefer to stick to the facts of the matter which are namely that a service has been announced and a ferry presumably has been chartered but as to whether there will in fact be a service and when the service will commence I can only say that it is my opinion and the opinion of other members of Ferry Spotters International that this is a matter for some speculation.'

[That's enough ferry spotters - Ed]

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Pull the other one its got bells on said...

Everything is still on track but slightly delayed - don't make me laugh! We hear the same old excuse over and over again whether it is the Royal Sands Development, the future of Dreamland or Margate Museum, the Marina restaurant - I could go on and on. Isn't it about time we started fining companies who go back on their word or do not honour their contracts and starting dates?

Neptune Watcher said...

Oh well, here we go again .... can't uncerstand why the fairy stories continue. Surely every sane person on Planet Thanet knows its pie on the sky (or water!) One has to ask if this has any connection to the item on the front page of the IOTG yesterday?!

Anonymous said...

IOTG doesn't appear to put its articles on line .... is this about the Harbour Master and other employees ?

Anonymous said...

Thanet Council Audit Probe

Anonymous said...

still says for full story see IOTG ....