Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Things They Say...

We've had the worries of lead-painted toys from China and you may have heard that many Chinese health remedies are equally contaminated. Now its the turn of clothes, with news that cheap clothes made in China have been found to contain high levels of Formaldehyde to protect clothes that have to be shipped great distances against mildew.

Long-term exposure to the chemical in high levels can be harmful, causing problems ranging from minor skin rashes to some types of cancer.

Let's be frank though. Given the way the Chinese treat their own population and pollute their environment, does anyone really believe that in the pursuit of "Golden grease", factory owners are really going to pay too much attention to our European health and safety laws? I rather think not.

Thanet Council Cabinet Member Simon Moores, 21/8/2007

9/10/2008 - Thanet Council grant planning permission for China Gateway
29/8/2009 - Thanet Council close Margate old town without notice to schmooze Chinese officials


ascu75 aka Don said...

I thought it was bomb scares that close the centre of Margate

Anonymous said...

Have you forgotten the leather sofas from China problem that occured in the last few years. people started to get rashes just by sitting on their new sofas. Chemical preservative sprays of course.

Anonymous said...

But 'old Simes' thinks China Gate is a great idea. So why is he blogging a negative China item, ECR? Is Sandy aware of his lack of PC on a cause dear to the Leader's carpet( heart?)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8.26 The original post from Councillor Moores was written before the Leader and his Deputy had even been to China to schmooze with the Chinese and months before the planning application was even submitted. he wasn't elevated to the Cabinet at TDC at the time and was merely a new kid on the block.

Wouldn't mind betting he'll be choosing to ignore ECR's resurrection of his original post.

Anonymous said...

You'll all be wanting Chinese takeaways (also known as Chinkys) closed next. Bloody racists!

DrM. said...

Clearly nothing worth watching on television tonight then ECR, so let's have an out of context Simon Moores quote?

UK factories and business are bound by very tough EU health and safety regulations as you well know, so to try and associate the production of toys or even fake Viagra in China, with the China Gateway, is a complete non-starter.

Strangely enough, the biggest fake market in China is not dodgy drugs or handbags but counterfeit eggs.. strange but true., not many people know that!

Anonymous said...

8.35, like his rethink on Turner contemporaray and other matters? Its remarkable how a TDC Cllr and Cabinet member can alter there views when they join the party!

Eastcliff Richard said...

I don't think there's anything racist about questioning the motives of a repressive regime that annexes countries, summarily shoots dissenters in the back of the head and wants to locate in Thanet, 8:26. Something which the Doc seemed only too happy to do in the days before he was elevated to the Thanet peerage, and started endorsing 'protocols' that would censor freedom of speech. Still, anything to make our new friends feel at home, eh Doc!

I'd be interested to know how you can counterfeit an egg, though!

Anonymous said...

that annexes countries (like most other countries have at some point), summarily shoots dissenters in the back of the head (In the US they electrocute people to death still) and wants to locate in Thanet......(good)

Anonymous said...

counterfeit an egg eh

you'd need a fully qualified doctor to tell you that

do you know one ?

Lucy Mail said...

By counterfeiting the bird that lays it, I'd presume.
And we've been doing that for somewhere between five and eight thousand years!

You'd think we'd have the egg cracked by now!

Anonymous said...

Thankfully our Internet and Computer guru and Cabinet member for things, Dr Cllr whatever Boores, is so naive in all things internet that he leaves his whole Thanet Life archive up on his site.

This is probably due to ego, but it also allows people to pick out bits that he has written before, and show just what a hypocrite he is.

And that is not being nasty or slanderous, it just allows anyone to prove that since becoming a Tory Cllr, he has changed his mind on anything that the Leadership tell him to.

It is really quite sad to see an educated and intelligent person become a lapdog in order to gain points, and position with his new friends.

Anonymous said...

that annexes countries (like most other countries have at some point


summarily shoots dissenters in the back of the head (In the US they electrocute people to death still)


and wants to locate in Thanet......(good)



Anonymous said...

Of course we all know the UK has laws about goods and health and safety rules (that the Tories wanted to get rid of to make it easier for businesses to operate) but the China Gateway site isn't going to be factories despite what Councillor Ezekiel and Ken Wills kept telling us. It's going to be massive warehouses full of imported Chinese goods that would 'have some final-stage production tweaks' i.e. testing the knobs don't fall off. Unless there is someone standing by all the time checking for dodgy chemicals, suspect electronics etc. the goods will be shipped in, shipped out as they arrive. OK, I know Blackberries are supposed to be one of the products so they're presumably ok but what of all the other products?

Wigan was going to be the home of 'home-made clothing'. Yeh, right. The Chinese open a textile factory to make clothes in the UK?

Dr. Moores patronising the intelligent readers of this blog, yet again. Yes, there are plenty of us reading this with higher education qualifications.

Anonymous said...

I passed my cycling proficiency test.

Anonymous said...

I've been attending the University of Life for 60 years & gained loads of qualifications. Mostly in common sense.

Anonymous said...

yes but what about the egg...

Anonymous said...

Planeloads of fruit and veg flown into Manston from a drought-stricken country with a violent suppressive govt (Kenya).

Planning permission for a violent and suppressive govt to locate on Thanet aquifer and ship in dodgy goods for the EU (China).

Planning permission for an offshore company to build homes on a flood plain in Ramsgate with no emergency escape route(Pleasurama).

Happy to provide port facilites for a ferry company that has trouble keeping its watertight doors shut and another ferry company that only seems to exist on paper.

Thanet - open for funny business.

Anonymous said...

Trouble is having a life degree in 'I told you so' does not trouble the TDC Cabinet system in any shape or form?

Its Jobs, Jobs, Jobs (and not many of them in technology) at any cost?

I just will not buy Chinese goods...period.

Anonymous said...

Full stop surely.