Wednesday, September 02, 2009

'The King Of Thanet Bloggers'

Urgh, my bonce! Still, it was worth it. I think. No, actually, I can't remember much about it. So it must have been good!

Anyoldhoo, I thought I'd snap off a quick one in this endless poo chain of a blog before I dash over to Jersey for a tax free meeting with the backers of my latest epic, A Snip at £900 for the Harley Street Vasectomy Clinic. And how convenient to be able to fly there from Chas 'n' Dave Margate International Airport! I'm going to make the booking now, here goes...

Drat! Maybe if I try another date, I can probably get the meeting put back...

Bugger! At a pinch I could try for the following week...

Oh well, so much for that. Looks like it'll be a quick sprint down to Portsmouth and the overnight ferry then. A snooze in the old ensuite cabin et voila! And it'll be cheaper - hurrah!

Meanwhile I've been scouring the old interbollocks on your behalf and come up with a Kentish site that I can highly recommend. Ray Parker was apparently the Mayor of Gravesham a few years back, as well as having written and performed the theme to Ghostbusters, of course. He is clearly a man of excellent taste. Taking a break from appearing in the latest 118 118 ads he writes:

When it comes to the capital of blogging, nowhere comes close to Thanet. There are loads of political blogs from all parties and many who just take the proverbial. The King of Thanet bloggers has to be Eastcliff Richard whose posts will have you in stitches. His media empire includes the Isle of Thanet Gazunder and ECR TV as well as pages on Facebook and Twitter. Oh and look out for the posts by Sister Assumpta..!

Aw, you're making me blush there Ray! Any chance you could get me in one of those super ads? I'd be prepared to wear the wig and tash and everything!

Click here to see if you can book a flight to Jersey
Click here for Ray Parker's blog


Anonymous said...

Blogmeister ECR

Anonymous said...

Blogmonster ........ ?

Anonymous said...

Bloglogger (he who puts most crap on a blog)

ascu75 aka Don said...

ohhhhhhhhh pooooooooo Richard beat me to it with his last comment ...... got a thick head after your birthday Lunch ECR

Anonymous said...

Greetings from the other side of the Medway, glad I could massage the noggin for you old boy.
What with you being a media mogul may I ask if there is any truth in the rumour that you are in fact Robert Maxwell in hiding? And if so is there any basis to the story that there were two prostitutes onboard that boat and when asked to toss you off they did?
Anyway don’t worry about the Ray Parker crack; I’m used to it now especially with that bloody advert as you so eloquently point out.
Keep up the blogging and do leave my old mate Clive Hart alone!

Anonymous said...

How do we know that you are not the Queen of the Thanet Bloggers?

Lucy Mail said...

Hey, he doesn't bang on and on about how fit he is, then publish a rather contradictory picture of himself, posing as a fat Gumby.
When are you going to take that final step and start calling yourself Rock?

I think Rock Card has quite a nice ring to it!

Don, if birthdays cause a thick head, you must be about a million years old by now!

And talking about the Queen of bloggers, whatever happened to that Gay lad, Justin, from Birchington?
Do you think someone had him 'seen to'?
He'd have probably enjoyed that!

Mary said...

Seems they have flights only on Saturdays in the summer. I got "Please call the above number for bookings wihin 3 day(s) of travel." trying to book Sept 12-19 but the same response you got for every other Saturday booking requested. I guess summer ends on Sept 19th.