Friday, December 05, 2008

Think Of A Link

Most of us luvverly Fannit bloggers are now running a 'news feed' in the sidebar on the right of our blogs. This means that you, the reader, can bounce around the blogosphere to your heart's content, hoovering up all the latest news and gossip about Kent's Ramsgate Peninsula. It's probably the kind of joined up thinking that's got our beloved council going all trembly at the knees and appointing a Blogsniffer General.

However, some of the blogs out there aren't playing ball. I won't name names, but Thanet Life, Thanet Strife, Promote Thanet, Tim Garbutt's Blog, The Gaddfather of Ale, Maisiegrace's Weblog, and Mrs Tara Plumbing are just seven missing links that spring to mind. Now, I realise that some (Thanet Life) are just too important to muck in with the rest of us. However, others (Thanet Strife) may just be lacking the technical confidence. To whom I'd say it really is terribly easy. And if you'd like a few tips just email me. I'm not necessarily suggesting a news feed, as that may not fit in with the aesthetic qualities of your jottings. But a link to other Thanet bloggers ensures that you're not, as we say in the blogging trade, a dead end!


Rick said...

I wish I had thought of "Blogsniffer General". I had been thinking of the planned Blogohaust. Thanet council putting in an order for yellow star badges to make compulsory wear, using anti terror legislation, for bloggers.

Priest holes whipped back into use as blog reading sanctuaries.

In January the lovely Greek Orthodox Thanetians throwing some hapless youth into the sea to retrieve a palm cross in the name of God. Only to gaze up to see the TDC blogsniffer throwing a citizen into the sea, an anvil tied to their ankles, to test for blogcraft in the name of the Chief Executive.

I just posted on the matter but I dubbed him "Jack".

Peter Checksfield said...

I link to 33 different Thanet blogs (I've just counted them), & I know that quite a few don't link back to me. This doesn't bother me too much though, & I suspect some may just be embarrassed to link to a site that contains nudity.

Incidentally, I tend to only link to Thanet blogs that actually write about Thanet, not just their family, their friends & their beer! But I'll gladly add others if they think they should be included too...

Ken Gregory said...

I had forgotten to add your site. will rectify

Peter Checksfield said...

Thanks Ken!

Eastcliff Richard said...

Yes, well, I'm not getting too high-horsed about this Peter. And I'll admit that I too don't news feed sites that seem highly personal or family orientated. Plus, of course, I have to grit my teeth to add anything with a Tory connection (Ken)!

I had a dilemma recently about linking to Save Kent! as strictly speaking my news feed is entitled 'Recent Thanet Natter'. Kent, I thought, was spreading the net a bit too far! But I did anyhow, as Save Kent! has very kindly linked to me.

I do worry about linking to some blogs that are there, in part at least, to further the writer's business aims. But hey ho, I'll be publicising my new Christmas book Eastcliff Richard - The Ego Has Landed here soon, so what the heck!

Peter Checksfield said...

I too link to Save Kent, the only (strictly speaking) non-Thanet blog I link to.

Rick said...

You are the consummate blogger ECR. A former councillor phoned me the other day and said that he always reads your posts.

I said that one day you would post on the subject of the FOI revelation that there is also a remediation project for "Mixed solvents" at Thor Chemicals.

Dr Moores did a post on the Thor fire last year.

I may have mentioned my Regular Army service of the 1960s and my failure to avoid serving in a unit whose sergeant major was SSM D'Arcy from 22 SAS.

Actually he nearly ridded the world of Irritating Bloke on the occasion he decided to hang me. I thought it was a joke as he slipped a noose over my head. But when he tied the other end to an overhead travelling crane jib (in the hangar where we put our helicopters). so there was me, the Weston differential pulley and the SSM operating same. Dount defintely began to feature as my feet left the floor.

Is he introducing me to a miltary exotic sexual experience may hap ?

No he was hanging me.

Where is a human rights lawyer when you need one.

The lesson on that occasion was "Don't assume, check"

I notice that Dr Moores went to blog post as a councillor without checking the Thor history. Not so much as an internal memo FOI application.

IE He should have been telling you about the Thor remediation project a year ago. I wonder if the police, who declared the area safe after the fire, knew about the remediation or broke their duck by actually calling in an expert ?

Don't assume check.

Eddie said...


Some blogs are of a distinctly adult nature attracting readership with certain niche leisure time tendencies. It's probably better that they're dead ends, little backwaters where the scum gathers. Lucy Mail and Gaddfather's in particular.

Peter Checksfield said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

As long as the scum isn't gathering on top of Eddie's beer - it's usually delicious!

Michael Child said...

I think I have got every blog with a feed that I regularly look at or has local content, please let me know if I missed anyone.

My feeling on deliberating over who I include is that my blog is mostly for my own amusement and that anyone interested in local history or issues is welcome to use it.

What I do find surprising is that most of the local politicians websites and the local paper sites don’t seem to have properly functioning feeds for Thanet news. There is of course our own dear council’s press releases website, with no feeds as well.

And Richard you will be pleased to know that I get more traffic from your site than any of the others, suggesting that more people look at it than any of the others.

Dick Rubin said...

Some people are takers not givers.

Anonymous said...

Here's a good link if you want a laugh.

Lizzie said...

That's almost as silly as saying people in Thanet earn £30k!!!

MaisieGrace said...

OK fair comment - I have made a start.

Anonymous said...

External headlines is a feature of blogspot as such Mrs Tara Plumbing being on WordPress is out of luck. I've been working on a few such things myself but that will only help NucleusCMS users (that's just me I think). That said I have set up Thanet Finder ( to pull the latest headlines on a per topic basis.

Not just a pretty blogger me.

In the mean time I do have links to other Thanet blogs going on as well as 125px ads for some of you - email me your details (address on the blog top inside right ad) with your own 125 by 125 ad and I'll run adverts for you with all the other Thanet Bloggers - for free. Just because I can.

I announced that here: ... now back to your regularly scheduled word play.

If you're not listed on my blog but want to be just use the contact me page and send me a short note.

Lucy Mail said...

There ya go Lardy of 12:05pm, it doesn't take an IQ of 14.7 to come up with something amusing. Though it does baffle me as to how someone with such an enormous capacity for thought can come across as a completely boring twonk!

As for pointing the scum that visit my blog (thanks for that, Eddie) off in some other direction, I don't think that kind of laziness should be encouraged.
I'm not their mother!

Anonymous said...

I'm all for you making it easier for bloggers to communicate with each other ECR. To keep all the idiots in one loop - a sort of cyberspace lunatic asylum really?

Anonymous said...

Thanet Strife is too much up his own a____ to link to anyone else or to even let someone that does not agree with him to post a link.

Bertie Biggles said...

3.10. my dear boy, nothing to do with superiority I'm afraid, just technical incompetence! Haven't quite got the hang of all things 'blogger' yet.
You might wish to note that I haven't sent anything to the ether for quite some weeks now, and should you now like to be the first for sometime, you will find that I acknowledge it.