Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Count Your Blethyns

Congratulations to the lovely Brenda Blethyn, who's topped my poll to find our Greatest Living Thanetian following the sad death of Oliver Postgate. The Golden Globe winning actress and author comes (of course) from Ramsgate, and can often be seen at local events, or just shopping for gloves, here in the Millionaires' Playground.

Brenda came in well ahead of the equally lovely Dame Tracey Emin, who would have been my choice if she wasn't from Margate. Apart from me, that is. After a record breaking 89 votes, here's how it all ended up:

Question: Who's our Greatest Living Thanetian now that Oliver Postgate has passed away?

Actress Brenda Blethyn: 31% (28 votes)
Artist Dame Tracey Emin: 24% (22 votes)
Millionaire Richard Eastcliff: 15% (14 votes)
Squillionaire Ken Wills: 10% (9 votes)
Withnail creator Bruce Robinson: 5% (5 votes)
Fat bloke Buster Bloodvessel: 5% (5 votes)
Writing genius Iain Aitch: 3% (3 votes)
Hollywood star Tom Hanks: 3% (3 votes)

Click here to find out more about Brenda Blethyn at IMDb


a fan said...

I trust your remark about gloves is not some off colour reference to the fact our Bren was born with an extra finger.

Anonymous said...

Boris is considering Manston. Help.

Anonymous said...

"A 1993 report from the Department of Trade and Industry examined runway capacity in the South East and found that Manston was unsuitable for development as a major airport considering this proximity to the town".

Tony said...

where's the connection between Brenda and Manston?

Anonymous said...

Why do these posts keep being hijacked by the anti Manston terrorists?

Anonymous said...

I am not a terrorist.

I cant think of anywhere else to draw your attention to the fact that Boris has written today that he is now considering Manston as an option to take the strain off Heathrow. This fills me with horror.

Thanks TDC. Much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

What fill you with horror puts a wage in my pocket.

Anonymous said...

Manston Airport. Huge don't care!!

Nige said...

You could start the 'Daily Manston Info' Blog and then post on there. Cross posting her if you must when anything actually newsworthy happens.

I am neither for or against Manston. But i am definately AGAINST people hijacking [sic] every damn thread.

Well done Brenda, although I voted for Tracy I think it is a decent choice.