Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ramsgate Now Grimmer Than Margate - Official

Yikes! According to a report from the Office for National Statistics on seaside towns, Ramsgate has overtaken Margate as one of the top deprived areas of the country. Thus proving that, in Thanet at least, it's grimmer down south.

The, er, Millionaires' Playground is now ranked as having the fifth highest level of poverty and social breakdown in the country, after Skegness, Blackpool, Clacton and Hastings. Margate came 7th.

Click here to read more in the Daily Mirror.

So, undeniable evidence there, if it was needed, that TDC's policy of pouring all the sponds into Margate and Cliftonville, and neglecting the sunny south side, has done its job as far as they're concerned.

Now would be a good time, then, to let the moths out of your wallets and spare a fiver or two for the deprived yoof of Ramsgate, who are organising a fantastic day of parkour, urban art and poetry at our lovely Eastcliff bandstand this coming Sunday. They're trying to raise £1500 for the event, and there's only a few days left to do it.

Click here to go to the website where you can donate.

So, whaddya waiting for? While you're counting out the cash, here's a short video showing you what they're going to be up to:


Readit said...

Daily Mirror in Eastcliff Towers. OMG Ramsgate is slipping into oblivion.

Anonymous said...

The Daily Mirror belonged to one of his cleaners. She usually leaves him a copy to read whilst he is watching his old show bizz chum Jeremy Kyle on the box.

Richard Eastcliff said...

...and weeping because I'm not doing that show!

Anonymous said...

I think those emotions, born of recent rejection, are getting to you ECR.

Maybe a substitute activity would be good occupational therapy for you.

The topical parochial Punch and Judy Show.

Sandy Beach nicking the sausages.

Cyril "Loadsa home printed money" waving his wad "That's the way to do it"

John Hamilton "Hammy" as a sort of traffic warden issuing tickets. "Nimby" ticket "Occutard" ticket.

Harvey Patterson retraining in law with his initial study of Janet and John books.

John Holyer from the Ministry of Funny Walks who is more certain of everything than a rational man would be of anything. Fount of wisdom on all subjects.

And the mystery themes. Wot happened to the 3 million that did exist that went to East Kent Maritime Trust. Is it the same 3 million that did not then exist that went to TEF and bros.

An efit puppet to represent Shaun Keegan. With a Terry Painter Puppet trailing behind denying that the efit is a true likeness.

Now put down that Mirror and get your fertile brain to work. parable of the talents man.

Anonymous said...

Horrifying statistics: Margate and Ramsgate have been destroyed by the elderly Duffers.

Incompetent and corrupt.

Where are the Manston fines and cleanup for Thor?

The pensioners are keeping their heads down and hoping everyone will have forgotten by the 2015 election.

Anonymous said...

And Macgonigal and the senior civil servants are keeping quiet too.

Lavish salaries and pensions at stake mean they'll go along with the coverup on fines and pollution.

Anonymous said...

I never understood why the taxpayer is now paying a Living Wage of c.£1 above the minimum wage for TDC? Is this to be extended to the rest of society or just for bureaucrats who've destroyed Thanet? Rewarding failure springs to mind - paid by us.

Anonymous said...

See the resident nutter is back in the last three comments.

Anonymous said...

What's nutty about those comments 5:39? You sound as if you're desperate to gloss over the Manston pollution? Work at the airport? Councillor?

Anonymous said...

Just another TIB at 5:39 mouthing off in the ruins of their towns. They've certainly got the politicians they deserve.

John Holyer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

No 5:39 - I work in an asylum and that's how I know you are a nutter.

Anonymous said...

Sorry - my remark was meant for 8:55 [NOT 5:39]

8:55 is the resident nutter.

Anonymous said...

They you go again 1:49 just empty insults rather than anything sensible to contribute.

And too stupid to even write your posts properly. Presumably if I was a nutter you also think it's acceptable to be insulting?

Just a TIB.

But, I'll ask you again, why you'd want to gloss over the Manston or Thor pollution?

Anonymous said...

The seaside statistics are an awful record of the failure of Thanet and so was Ian Aitch's article in the Indy Sunday on Margate: regeneration by jerrycan was the relevant phrase.

Anonymous said...

And 11:14, why do you keep banging on about Manston. None of what you claim is true. It is nothing more than a figment of your festering imagination. What you say has no basis in reality and neither do you. In truth you are nothing more than a boring, inadequate twit.

Anonymous said...

Resident Nutter at 11:14 - What's TIB in your twisted lexicon of odure?

Anonymous said...

11:43 you're very naughty about Manston. What exactly is made up you claim? Pollution of the water supply?

Illegal overflights? Banned flights like IranAir? It's business success over the years so it's now up for sale again - and unknown amounts of public funding?

What exactly is made up? Your insults are just childish petulance that your Manston fanaticism is so foolish.

Anonymous said...

11:45 you can't even spell ordure properly. Just another TIB (Thanet In Bred) pretending to be clever but actually really stupid and unpleasant.

Give us all a laugh though and tell us your thoughts on the Living Wage.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 10:26,

I cannot speak for the anon that cannot spell ordure. But I do notice that you are claiming to speak for others; when you are in truth a lonely, friendless old man.

Anonymous said...

10:37 so rather than childish insults why don't you explain exactly what is made up about the points on Manston pollution etc?

Anonymous said...

What relevance do these comments have to the article?

Anonymous said...

Iranair flights weren't/aren't banned anywhere .. they fly from Heathrow.
For a while they stopped at Manston to refuel.. nothing dodgy there

Anonymous said...

Anon 1026 and the rest of your ranting,

I'm not surprised that you can spell ordure bearing in mind that you revel in it'

Anonymous said...

Iranair flights not banned? I think you need to check your sanctions list young man. Yet another dodgy airline at dodgy manston and dodgy excuses for it.

Next you'll be saying the water reservoir under the runway isn't polluted? Or that the overflights are perfectly OK? Or that the 6:30am flight shouldn't be after 7am either?

What happens when Manston closes to the cleanup?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Ramsgate needs some more developments by Swan Vesta to help us get back to our rightful place in the deprivations stakes- below margate.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:39,

I have read with interest your many, many posts on this subject. I suggest the answer to your questions lies here: