Saturday, August 03, 2013


With the Boris Bikeathon set to clog up That London, what better time to stay on our septic isle and enjoy all the stuff that's going on here?

Margate's Soul Weekend culminates in tomorrow's carnival, with much of the creative stuff being produced by Ramsgatonians (natch). But I'll be here in the Millionaires' Playground, sporting my captain's hat, brass-buttoned blazer, Whitstable Oyster Rolex and deck shoes with the salty seamen on the front, enjoying some windy fun with the Old Guffers at their 50th anniversary celebrations.

There are probably a squillion other events happening that nobody even knows about!!! So whaddya waiting for? Get out and enjoy yourselves!!!!

Um, I haven't got a visual that depicts 'fun', so here's a photo of Thanet Labour Leader Clive Hart naked instead...


Anonymous said...

Oh isn't he a lovely boy. Hmmmmmmm.

If only his brains matched his muscles.

Solo Gays said...

Who will be September?

On the last couple of posts I have done my pics have not appeared on Michael's blog. Any clues as to what I might have overlooked Mr E?

Anonymous said...

Alan Poole draped all over Michelle Fenner in a passionate embrace next month Ugh and then Iris with her new toy boy puppet Will Scobie. Sorry Solo Gays. You will have to be patient.

Anonymous said...

ECR the next photo in the series is the more impressive. Where Clive removes his hands but the package remains in place.

A metaphor for his political career.

Keeping the cockup under wraps.

I thank you .............

Peter Checksfield said...

Pleeeaase let it be Cllr Aldred next month!

Anonymous said...

Good body, shame about the bad back. Still I guess you can't have everything.

Anonymous said...

Does the collar match the cuffs?

Anonymous said...

After looking at the images of him on google images, he is now more like Mr Burns from the Simpsons.

Hope your backs ok Clive ;)

Anonymous said...

Boy Puppet Will with his nice big smile. lolz

Anonymous said...

Council leader comes gift wrapped

Anonymous said...

Solo Gays

You may have missed that Michael's chum allegedly has hopes of standing for TDC.

And as such he would not want the complication of 3 laws

Money Laundering Regs/Proceeds of Crime Act

Terrorism Act 2000

Crime and Disorder Act 1998

His chum was a witness to events at a local gun range and allowed himself to be intimidated out of giving evidence.

Mr Muscles (featured) is supposed to be asking the would be candidate, as I understand it, how his failure to report knowledge of crime will square with being a cllr on a body which is under three statute imposed duties to report exactly what he witnessed.

So Michael appears to me to have taken to deleting any related mention that might actually serve the law and the people of Thanet. Possibly just so long as his chum isn't put under any potential flaw illuminating spotlights.

That is my understanding.

I don't know if that is what you are missing about editorial policy of the blog ?

Anonymous said...

Rick, for the sake of everyone who enjoys this blogsite, can you please stop turning everything round to your pet topics and gun ranges.

Anonymous said...

ECR, pic looks very like one of your Sandy Beach ones from a while back with a new head stuck on.
Do you have any pics of Cllr Mrs Hart?