Monday, February 17, 2014

Wilko Over And Out?

Lumme! Local social media is buzzing with the rumour that Wilkinson, the homeware and hardware store, is about to vacate Ramsgate and head off to Westworld Cross!

I must say, when I popped in for a gold-plated sink plug at the weekend the place did look remarkably bereft of stock. Not only that, but on a trip to Shed City a few hours later, the old BHS store seemed to be in the process of being totally gutted. So perhaps they're moving there?

If the rumour's true it'll be a shame as Wilko, along with Waitrose, is definitely one of the reasons to visit the Millionaires' Playground. I have to admit that just setting foot in the place used to make me physically ill, as it has a Poundland/Aldi quality which assaulted my Fortnum and Mason sensibilities. But d'you know what, dear reader? After nearly ten years in Thanet, I've pretty much got used to slumming it!

Worse still, the T word (Tesco) has been mentioned as a potential replacement. As if we need another one of those. I've got a good mind to tweet our Police Commissioner and ask her to put a stop to it!


Anonymous said...

Dear Anne. Tesco are bullying us and none of my mates will be able to open boutique shops selling tat at over inflated prices. Please send the riot team to make it stop. Love Objector From Margate

Anonymous said...

Dear Rog and Laura

Old Bill have done no more than had a chat with yours truly under caution.

Is this a conspiracy cos I support Tesco ?

Ann is a lib dem and I think she has set this up to get at us.

I am very angry that the law has exceeded its authority by applying itself to me.

Does this mean my PPC ambitions have been thwarted by the PCC. I see conspiracies everywhere. Send tissues I am sobbing.

Love and greetings

................ (Signature and RMR service number)

Anonymous said...

Rather like in Canterbury, where the closed BHS is to become a Primark later this year, the speed with which gutting started at Westwood's former BHS would signal there is another taker in the wings. Wilko would be a good addition to the range there, but sad if they decide they can't stay in Ramsgate too.

Bemused of Birchington said...

That's an Independent Lib Dem (Oxymoron alert) of course, though she was Independent on the ballot paper.

I'm gutted.

Roger Wilko and out.

Anonymous said...

War Museum

There is a plan to set the war museum in a theme setting. The sort of devastation left by Luftwaffe. Dereliction. Building foundations pointing skeletal fingers at the sky. Empty evacuated property.

Visit Ramsgate War Museum wear your own hard hat.

Mind you I am minded to give Witherspoons a Pavilion chance now. We did pub lunch twice last week elsewhere and got excellent service, Adnams Broadside for me and excellent food. It turns out to be a Witherspoons.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone thought of looking at planning site........... ATH/14/0077 seems to be Halford at BHS. Now worry where Wilko will go

Anonymous said...

Yep..Halfords, but not all the unit. A company called Wrens is going in there as well.

Anonymous said...

3.31 you have brought relevant facts to the threads. Are you new to this ?

Anonymous said...

wilco to the cross where is the new aldi going to be next to the fire station ?????? whos next for the cross

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.08 Wrens are a Kitchen/Bedroom co that have been splashing lots of cash on newspaper ads recently. Appear to be a British manufacturer and supply fully assembled - unlike the made in China flatpacks found elsewhere.
Sister company of

Anonymous said...

Tescos in the Wilkos site. Returning home? What goes around comes around

Readit said...

More irrelevant facts. See planning application 13/1033 "Wilko" in the pink. Perhaps they are chasing the pink pound in Ramsgate?

Anonymous said...

That's funny, when the building in which Wilko, Ramsgate, stands was brand new c1975, guess what - it was a branch of Tesco's! How things might turn full circle.

Anonymous said...