Sunday, February 16, 2014

Where's Willy?

For some reason I haven't been invited to the BAFTAs tonight. It might be something to do with that incident at last year's awards when I offered to check a D-list female celebrity's, er, lungs. I am a cuddly, huggly, playful sort of chap, and I fear my friendly offer may have been misinterpreted. Ho-hum.

So in the continuing spirit of ignoring everything that is going on around me, here are more of your Will Scobie pics.

Actually I'm getting rather cheesed off with these, so I'll be back with all the rumour and gossip that's unfit to print next week, including news of a local councillor who has been caught with his trousers down - literally! Pip pip!


Anonymous said...

Will is opposed to whale hunting

The Scobie Dick Campaign

He is bringing out his own range of pottery

Scobie Jugs

He is campaigning for public funded PT

Free Will Exercise

He is aware of the shift to UKIP of former Thanet National Front chaps

Will fires entourage barrage at Farage.

Bemused of Birchington said...

Where there's a Will there's a photo opportunity. I believe he is looking into potholes at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Since the contributors have not behaved of late more pun ishment

Cllr Will headed for South America looking for Thanet tory cllrs. But he did not reach Panama. He became involved in an employment creation scheme in Mexico and founded a laundry. It has just held an opening celebration.

The Adobe Scobie Dhobie Do

There are plans for an overseas branch

Nairobi Scobie Dhobi

We have had successful young politicians before. Pitt the younger. Bet he had to pitt up with a lot of mockery.

If your readers don't behave I'll be back.