Friday, February 21, 2014

Weekly Message From The Supreme Leader Of The Democratic People's Republic Of Thanet

Only in your super, soaraway Isle of Thanet Gazunder! North Thanet leader Kim Jong-Hart gives us his take on what's hot and what's not on the Thanet peninsula!

Service personnel of the Thanetian People's Army, all the people, and other compatriots.

2014 is filled with confidence in the future and revolutionary self-respect. May all the families across the country overflow with great happiness and joy.

My greetings go also to my compatriots in the south, who are fighting for independence, democracy and national reunification. Our Party's policies of respecting the people and loving them, and the people's hearty loyalty of trusting and following the Party as they would do their mothers have become integrated, and thus the blood-sealed ties between them have reached a new, higher stage.

In the seething period of the effort for building a thriving country, we have taken the resolute measure of removing the factionalists lurking in the Party. As our Party detected and purged the anti-Party, counter-revolutionary factionalists at an opportune time and with a correct decision, the Party revolutionary ranks were further consolidated and our single-hearted unity was solidified to the maximum.

Construction is an important front for solidifying the foundations of a thriving country and creating bases for the people's happy life. The construction sector should set up world-class structures and build many other structures that could contribute to improving the people's living conditions, thus laying firm foundations of the self-supporting economy and providing the people with conditions for a more affluent and civilised life.

The state should take measures to bolster up the fishing sector. The sector should follow the example of the fishing sector of the People's Army that landed a huge haul of fishes by carrying out the order of the Supreme Comman

That's enough Kim Jong-Hart - Ed.


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Anonymous said...

This is only slightly less stupid than Clive's real statements. Why has he not raised the Manston monitors or Thor or cancelled Pleasurama a year ago?

Anonymous said...

The Democratic People's Navy and a heavily redacted report

If you are allowing Thor and Manston monitor comments you should allow a more topical reference to diesel backup generator installations.

The Supreme Leader of Thanet has not yet answered questions arising from the heavily redacted report.

He did get as far as calling "Haaaarveee".

But Harvey was not in the office.

Anonymous said...

I think the it is grossly offensive to liken the leader of TDC to Kim Jong-un. The north Korean leader must be very upset (and you don't want to upset him).

John Holyer said...

ECR, I like it.

Anonymous said...

Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fairest one of all

Anonymous said...

Clive's not the Leader of TDC, Macgonigal leads him by the nose and tells him what to do.

Anonymous said...

Political satire is quite properly targeted on both the Right and Left - and indeed the Centre, if that really is a category. But what different reactions it prompts.

John Holyer, one of the local (extreme?) Rightists likes this anti-Left post from you, but he felt very differently about your recent Colonel Bufton post, lampooning the Right.

He said there "a good try everyone but satire works better when it's actually funny. Spite is not satire, it's just spite. As for local blogs, I suggest Simon Moores."

So according to Holyer we can only have satire when it is at the expense of the Left. Criticism of the Right is verboten.

John Holyer said...

Anon 10:09,

In view of the fact that you have neither a name nor a brain you will excuse when I tell you that I do not attach any worth to your vacuous comments.

Anonymous said...

Don't encourage Holyer he's a sad irrelevant pensioner trying to appear clever

Anonymous said...

Personal insults and the rather childish "I don't care what you think" seem to be the common tools of you and your gang, Holyer.

Anonymous said...

Hi 'Ranks' high as any in wome!! :)