Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Thanet Watch

Reader Steve writes:

Dear ECR,

I found this piece of jewellery in my back garden. Looks like something one wouldn't want to lose. Can you help me reunite it with its owner?

Well Steve, us Ramsgate millionaires are early adopters, as you know. Personally, I wouldn't be seen dead driving my state-of-the-art hybrid without watching the box set of Breaking Bad on my Google Glass whilst taking a selfie on my superduper phablet.

So my guess is that this is one of those fancy new smart watches. It's probably insured, but in case any of you lovely readers recognise it as yours, do get in touch by emailing me at the address on the right.


Anonymous said...

It is my mate's here is a picture


Love the Thanet Watch headline!
Thanet Watch

Ray Field said...

As it is blue it must belong to a Tory

RossM said...

Maybe you could try Sandy Ezekial ? He might know something about it.

Anonymous said...

In the Extra they had an obituary for Trevor Herron. Perhaps you could host one on this blog. I'm sure many of his acquaintances would have some jolly tales to tell.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

There was a case in court about a month ago. My understanding is that two of Kent's finest deposed statements (without a hint of collusion) of having followed a driver for some 15 minutes. They followed him to his home and tried to breath test him inside his home.

BUT Kent's finest seem to have overlooked that "Chummy" was wearing his ASBO anklet. Linked to a GPS electronic record. The GPS record shew that "Chummy" had not been out driving but had been in his home all along.

It seems the Judge (worth every penny ?) after some deliberation concluded that the prosecution should not continue.

Funnily enough this was a case of deja vu history repeating itself etc

On a previous occasion two of Kent's finest (without a hint of collusion) deposed statements of observing the same "Chummy" driving erratically in Thanet.

But tsk tsk. Car valeters video and electronic receipt and despatch record. The car was not on the road at the material time.

Judge (worth every penny ?) was saved from giving a direction because the police witnesses did not turn up and so CPS had to withdraw.

Imagine of you will the resentment Kent's finest now harbour for electronic location recording devices.

"No officer please don't cut off me tag mate. I see it now as my best pal"

Just a thought ......

Tony Ovenden said...

Look more like a tag the police put on naughty boys, what have you been up to ECR.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope the Local Government Association review team put a tag on the corruption at TDC rather than covering it up. Who are they meeting? Just Macgonigal and the auditor?

Anonymous said...

Tony seems to be right and it looks like it has been cut off. All you need to do now ECR is to go to Ramsgate's ever increasing Dispersal zone and ask if anybody has lost it. You could of course just tell the local cops who will be very interested in the serial number.

Anonymous said...

Poirot would solve the mystery.