Monday, February 10, 2014

Scobie Snaps

One of my regular contributors has clearly been inspired by the Gazunder's weekly photos of Will Scobie, our foetal Labour parliamentary candidate for Sarf Fannit, who is invariably posed standing next to a pothole/sandwich/knitted ambulance...
Hmmm. It just goes to show, he does get around a bit!

Have you spotted Scoobie? Send your pics to the email address on the right, and I'll publish them here.

And speaking of parliamentary candidates for Sarf Fannit, the Green Party's Cllr Motormouth has recently espoused the idea of setting up a cannabis cafe on the island. Writing on Facebook, he says that the cafe would be 'a relaxed place where people could meet up with friends, have something to eat and drink and bring their own cannabis to smoke in a safe and tranquil place.

'In Manchester and Brighton people are discussing setting up cannabis cafes. Across the world attitudes to cannabis use are changing so lets start a discussion in Thanet. I appreciate that like alcohol and tobacco, cannabis can damage health but its time to think about developing a new approach to drugs because it's clear that enforcement is becoming an incredibly expensive waste of money.'

And there was me thinking Thanet had already gone to pot! Geddit??!??!??!!


Anonymous said...

I saw Scobie sat on his Dad's knee filling in forms for every political office in Thanet from Mayor to KCC to TDC and now to MP to try and lower the age bias of Thanet councillors. It worked but all the others are over 65 and over 75 in UKIP. If only Will had done something or said something.

Anonymous said...

I think you need to show him sitting outside the Taj Mahal in the style of the late Princess of Wales. That is a must.

Anonymous said...

Pipesmokers (Tobacco)live longer healthier lives than non-smokers (if they smoke five times a day or less)

Not many people know that.

Peter Checksfield said...

Just what the most obese area in East Kent needs, more pie-munching stoners... NOT!

Anonymous said...

This piece caused a genuine "laugh out loud"! Great work Diccie! Toodles

Anonymous said...

The Rendlesham Forest Incident

Was this a USAF pie and hot dog munching hallucination after partaking of some pretty potent spliff ?

Peter, who tends to be more sure of everything than a rational man would be of anything, is advised to read further into this incident.

Proceed from Wiki in an exploratory direction to Over the Horizon radars. To whit Cobra Mist.

Be astounded at the power put into these things. Mega Watts.

Contemplate the health conscious lobby concern at mobile phone masts. Radiation hazard ?

Pause to consider how a person's life can be disrupted by a dose of infra sound.

Then continue to examine the effects of over the horizon radars aimed by the Ruskies at the West.

And find that at least one third of mankind is vulnerable to the radiation effect of obesity.

This is not to argue that a cause and effect exists. But it is to argue that it known cause with a known effect.

A rather stronger case than blaming pies without explaining the role of metabolic rates.

I was rather hoping this blog in Thanet would continue to feature the higher standard of comment.

Leaving Messrs Holyer and Checksfield to discuss this blogs comments on Thanet Online.

Is Sister Assumpta out yet ?

Anonymous said...

Thanet Watch published a photo of Will the Younger gathered with the usual suspects protesting at the Vere Road car park site.

Will is not on the Broadstairs Town Council, does not serve as a District or County Councillor for any Broadstairs ward and would have known from TDC that the developers are justified, indeed H & S would demand it, in closing public access whilst construction work is in progress.

Just another photo opportunity for the little lad!

Anonymous said...

So he's been spotted just about everywhere except Ramsgate. Surprise!

Peter Checksfield said...

Well 11:49 (aka Rick), I have found that I've lost 2" off my waist since early January by doing at least two 10k runs a week, despite actually eating more. Perhaps you should try it instead of both eating and writing a load of crap.

Anonymous said...

He was there for the re-opening of the Maritime Museum.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sister Assumpta

I am a senior police officer. I am a little fatigued after interviewing a chap for 90 minutes.

I saw a Samurai sword on display in his lounge. He chuckled and said "If a usual suspect nimby whiner tried handling that big boy they would be a wannabee Scobie Wan Kenobi"

I deduced this was representative of his humour as he tends to laugh at his own jokes. But I didn't get it at all.

I did laugh to establish empathy but that was a ruddy mistake as he then thought I was his friend.

I asked if he belongs to the Royal British Legion and, if so, is he a civilian or a proven ex forces member.

I informed him that by coincidence I had been conducting local legion inquiries since about last August. He looked surprised.

He seemed irritated by this but I think that is because he prides himself on knowing all that goes on in his area.

I tested his local knowledge further. Gun Ranges.

"Typo" he said immediately "What it should have read is I know NOTHING about gun range activity"

I asked him if he had heard the old gag about taking an armoured car to a Remembrance Day Parade.

"I have not heard that one" he said.

"He thought it would add to his poppy day appeal"

"Your fund of humour is a little short" chipped in my sergeant sidekick. Displaying his unfortunate habit of winking and laying an index finger briefly against his nose.

Then the man we were interviewing began blathering on about blogging,

Any idea wtf he was on about ?"

Anonymous said...

So Slimes has been collared by the fuzz over complaints by the B&B woman (forgot her name) over Dreamland/Arlington? It's even than duller than expected. It does seem overblown complaints, but Slimes and his cronies do have form in insults and smears. Even his denial drips with innuendo and bile. How do we get better councillors or is this all we should expect? And should such overblown complaints be allowed in the first place?

Aids Gregory or Monkey Hammy were far worse in terms of harrassment.

Barry James said...

sorry anon I published a picture of him with us painting the graffiti off the Pavilion. please get your facts right

Anonymous said...

I am grateful for your input Peter.

You acknowledge that you lost weight when eating more. Thus undermining the basis of your own earlier comment.

You assumed (with no evidence) that I don't exercise and that I wrote crap. being as how I was once deployed at Cobra Mist and, in later life, worked in medical physics I will stick to the point I made above.

I see that Simon is critical of PCC Ann Barnes JP on his blog.

But has Simon given his readership a full context in which Ms Barnes took her decision to send senior police ?

There are essentially THREE relevant cold cases in Thanet:

(1) Pornography cartoons and mail intercept at TDC used (pre 1995 I think) to intimidate or harass labour lady cllrs

(2) A hatemail campaign against a Labour Lady cllr who displaced a tory at the 1995 election.

(3) Paramilitary assault on elderly ex tory Cllr Margaret Mortlock 1996.

With regard to (2) new information was put to Ms Barnes to fwd to Chief constable about two years ago. Giving the form of words objected to at a function called Russian Summer Ball.

The form of words being very similar to the sentiments expressed in the unsolved hatemail campaign (2) above.

For harassment police must make a prognosis. If left unactioned is it likely to escalate or spread by copycat.

In this case I think Ms Barnes got it absolutely right.

Simon, in my opinion, tries to have things both ways.

He implied to his readership that he had knowledge about the innocence of activity at a Thanet Gun Range.

or a man who purports to have Intelligence and Security experience he behaves strangely.

Because he has no idea what Police have on suspected person index about users of that range.

In my view he ended up hoist by his own petard. If (for arguments sake) a range suspect list featured suspects for (1) and (2) and (3) above then Simon has claimed he has knowledge of their innocence.


Now he weeps that public funds were wasted by the PCC. He argues that her judgment is flawed.

It is simple Simon. If you know absolutely nothing about activity at a gun range try telling your readers the truth.

If you associate yourself by your own hand with three cold case harassment and assault cases. Don't feign surprise that a DI came knocking.

Crocodile tears.

Anonymous said...

Are you overweight, Crocodile Tears? What is your height, weight and BMI? And are you on an upward curve, downwards, or stable?

Anonymous said...


It's good to see that after having been rejected everywhere else you have found a comfortable home on this blog.